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Stance is misconstrued on 'intelligent design'


"Testing the role of trust and values in financial decisions" (Jan. 21) incorrectly describes the John Templeton Foundation as having been an early supporter of the political movement known as "intelligent design."


We do not believe that the science underpinning the intelligent-design movement is sound, we do not support research or programs that deny large areas of well-documented scientific knowledge, and the foundation is a nonpolitical entity and does not engage in or support political movements.


The foundation has provided tens of millions of dollars in support of research academics who are critical of the anti-evolution intelligent-design position.


For almost a decade, the foundation has been a major supporter of a substantial program of the American Assn. for the Advancement of Science. One of the program's chief activities has been to inform the public of the weakness of the intelligent-design position on modern evolutionary biology.


In the past we have given grants to scientists who have gone on to identify themselves as members of the intelligent-design community. We understand that this could be misconstrued by some to suggest that we implicitly support the movement, but this was not our intention at the time, nor is it today.


Pamela Thompson


Vice president, communications


John Templeton Foundation


West Conshohocken, Pa.


In case you missed it, here is what I found to be funny:

We do not believe that the science underpinning the intelligent-design movement is sound
Oh man, when antievolution.com folks don't think you're arguments against evolution are valid you're in trouble.
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