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John Hagee The Wannabe Jew

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Okay so, John Hagee is being referred to quite a bit in the documentary "What is a Christian" on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360. If anyone has ever seen him he looks like a Bulldog, with spectacles. He basically hates everyone that isn't: WASP, hetero, and fundie Christian(except Jews...which will be explained later).


Anyway, they showcased how Hagee has embraced the Jewish way...in a christian manner of course. :scratch: He is heading a movement by certain christians that basically comes across as copying Jewish ritual - pretending to be a Jew - while still being a Christian. This goes well beyond Christian Jews (Jews who accept the christian belief) and well into insanity. The funny part...Hagee turned right around and stated in response to whether Jews will be raptured - "No, they will be left behind or perish if they donot accept the lord Jesus Christ". Yet, at the sametime he is calling them God's chosen...


Obviously, Hagee thinks he needs to embrace "god's chosen people" only in a self-serving manner. He is doing this because of the scripture that states that Israel must be supported. In other words, he is so scared of god being mad at him that he is blindly endorsing Israel and the Jewish community for no other reason than to reap the benefit of protection from God. How self-servingly hypocritical can you get? And it is even sad that someone believes that bullshit.


He also called the leader of Iran another Hitler. The funny part is...the leader of Iran believes in the Muslim version of the end times as well, thinking their god will make a Muslim paradise out of Earth...a hilarious mirror image of Hagee's silly ideas about the end times.


All of them are morons. :shrug:

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I don't know if this is even related to your question. Your question reminds me of a coversation I once had with a middle-aged fundy christian who serves on the US Coast Guard. Maybe I need to qualify the term fundy. He lives his own unique brand of Catholicism. Among other things he told me: the enemy's mind is rabid.


This is the purest form of unadultrated hatred I have ever encountered. It makes the enemy out as being less than human. He has not said so but I would guess this guy is not at the bottom of the chain of command, given his age and dedication or love for his work. This means he is probably training others to think as he does. I can see that this is effective rhetoric for getting people into the army to fight said enemy. What I don't get is that Christians who profess belief in a loving god can say this of any human being.

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I had a friend who is a christian and he visited the San Antonio, TX area where Hagee's church is and visited his church while he was there on a sunday. He said that Hagee had bodyguards around him....what a paranoid freekazoid.... :twitch:


So where does an all-powerful god come in? I mean, if a person trusts an almighty god surely he doesn't need a bodyguard. Okay, so Christian presidents and monarchs have bodyguards but I think we are talking about a private citizen here. Unless they are volunteering, bodyguards cost MONEY. If the guy feels the envy of his enemies due to his ill-gotten wealth, will he improve the situation by displaying his gold in the form of bodyguards?


Silly question and I think we all know the answer. But a bodyguard in CHURCH??? on a Sunday morning for regular service??? must be one of the seven wonders of the world.

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