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Grrr...family Stuff


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My aunt (biological mother's side) was in town pet sitting for her son in town, so my parents and I went out to eat with them.


This is the type of family I grew up in. This is how fundy they are.


(In the car)


My aunt was talking about a gay family friend who recently passed away, who she planned the funeral for because nobody else would do it.


Aunt: "Anyway, I knew him before he was gay and he was dating a girl."


Me: "Um, you do realize there is no 'before,' right? They're always gay, they just don't know it or they are in denial?"


Aunt (hesitant): "Well, I don't know."


Me: "They've proven it scientifically."


Aunt: "Whatever. Anyway..."


*Head desk*


These people are so brainwashed. I feel so sorry for them, but it's also completely and totally frustrating because religion is their life and I really have nothing in common with them anymore. And yet I still feel obligated to do these sorts of family things.


My cousin has stopped talking to our relatives since her mother died and they say nothing but bad things about her, so I think, what would they say about me if I went my own way? Of course, my cousin also put her mother in a nursing home in New Mexico and said that was what she wanted.


Well, my stepmom and aunt think that "oh, she would want us to come visit her." That's what they do, they visit people. But really, isn't that kind of arrogant? How do you know that? Just because you would want that, doesn't mean that everyone else does. Not everyone is an extrovert. Arrrgh.


Anyway, that is my crazy family.

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