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The Anti-Christ and I


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The Anti-Christ and I


by Steve Weissman


"Satan rules, at least according to many of my fellow Americans. In

recent surveys, over two-thirds of those polled said they believed the

devil to be real, whether with or without horns and a tail. Call him

Lucifer, Mephistopheles, or the Evil One, his existence plays a major

role in the way Americans see the world. Right-wingers, in particular,

have found him extremely useful in attacking their political foes.

Racial segregationists, union-busters, and John Birchers historically

pursued their own agendas by attacking opponents as devilish

collaborators of 'Godless communism.' Far-right evangelicals still

blast the United Nations as a Satanic force run by his End Time agent

the anti-Christ, while Christian Reconstructionists tar-brush every

intellectual current from humanism to modern science as the work of a

diabolical hand." (06/08/05)



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Cui bono? Who but the Evil One stands to gain? Who but Ha-Shatan could be the voice Mr. Bush hears in his head as the sage advice of his "higher father?"


    Believe me, I would never pose such an other-worldly set of questions. But, many serious Christians tell me they have, and their answer scares even an unsaved wretch like me.


:mellow: I can just imagine what those answers were... :mellow:

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