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My New Commandments

The Sage Nabooru

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1. I will not act as though I know everything, or allow myself to think that I am omniscient.

2. I will not believe that there are some things I'm "not supposed to know".

3. I will not damn others.

4. I will practice empathy. I will not demand that waitresses, megastore employees, nurses, etc. kiss my feet and demean themselves because of some idea about me being "higher" and they being "lower", but I'll know that they're underpaid, uninsured and have shit jobs. If someone wishes me a "blessed day" I will figure they have their own reasons and they are not neccessarily ulterior.

5. Nevertheless, I will not allow others to walk on me, or think that I'm a better person if I deny myself happiness.

6. I will not assume that I know more about a particular subject than a professional in the field.

7. I will not harm others as an excuse for "teaching a lesson".

8. I will not hate myself when I get angry, cry, forget, indulge, fail to meet someone else's standards or get turned down.

9. I will not assume that what makes me happy or content will work for everyone else, or develop a demanding idea about what makes an "acceptable human being".

10. I will not assume off the bat that others are out to get me, or seek out reasons to hate people. I will not be paranoid or read into things that are not there.


And one more for a nice odd number........


11. I will have a sense of humor.

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Looks like a good list. I don't do well with commandments though. I spent too many years trying to meet impossible standards. I just try to do my best to be me, to grow, and live my life in a way that makes my family and I happy and doesn't hurt others.

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I'm tring to be helpful. Don't know how well I'm succeeding. I notice that for some reason duplicate copies of this thread got posted. One person responded to this thread and another person responded to the other thread. I copied Vigile's post to the other thread and added an explanation and response.


My suggestion is that all future rsponses get posted on the other thread and that mods will probably delete this one eventually. If this is not acceptable, I think mods will clean up as they see fit and perhaps contact me via pm as to what is appropriate action on my part next time I come across something like this.


Thank you.

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