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The Church And Authoritarianism


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I recently received an email from someone call Ernest. He apparently lives in Spain is a devout Catholic and admires the late Fascist Franco. He challenged me to a dialogue on 'liberalism' that he is steadfastly against.


I took up the challenge and arising from his contributions was obliged to undertake research which led me into: -


• The Spanish Civil war

• The roles of Hitler and Mussolini in that war

• The role of the Roman Catholic Hierarchy in that war.

• The Church's relationships with the three Fascist dictators


I discovered that: -


1) The three Fascist dictators were products of the Roman Catholic education system.

2) All three professed their Catholicism throughout their lives

3) The Church supported all three of the Fascist dictators

4) The dictators supported the R.C. Church making them the official state religions to the disadvantage of other faiths

5) All three dictators supported the R.C Church with generous tax breaks and large donations

6) The Vatican is a multinational corporation with an investment bank, interests is another bank, industry and property world wide

7) The R.C. Church has been a force for authoritarianism

The attached is the final email after which my fellow interlocutor threw in the towel.


The attached contains contentious material so discretion is advised before opening. Those not interested also have the opportunity to stop now!




Recent correspondence with a believer


Dear Doug:


I believe my sources, which are countless and credible. Your sources are a handful and discredited. Hitler may have been born into a Christian family, but that does not necessarily make him a Christian. It is the same in your case. You were not only born a Christian. You lived as an apparent Christian, even to the point of joining the Catholic Church when you married a Catholic. But now, are you a Christian?






Dear Ernest,


What can I say about your first sentence except, well bully for you! But how is it your sources did not reveal to you what the Ten Commandments are? What Jesus said about slavery? What Jesus said about the rich? Why have you committed so many errors of fact e.g. That Indonesia was a British colony. That Hitler was an atheist. That Franco was not a Fascist. That the Vatican did not own Banks and on and on ad infinitum? Your sources though countless are not very reliable are they mate?



Unfortunately most of my ideas are researched only through the unreliable sources of the Bible, the World Wide Web and very often “Wikipedia.” You know so little Ernest, but that is OK except the sad part of it is you are not willing to do research to improve your knowledge. However it is quite understandable since you have been severely indoctrinated by the Church probably from the moment you could understand language with myths and superstitions and the same time, infected with a generous dose of anti-liberalism, the liberalism you rail about in the form of the Fascist creed. You are a victim, like so many, of that insidious, incessant drilling lamentably from which few can escape. Ernest mate, you are probably well beyond redemption now.



You ask, am I a Christian?



Honestly Ernest when I consider so called Christians like you and your hero the Fascist Franco, I thank God I am an atheist.



Having said that, I do admire the story of the nice Jesus I was taught, but reject the magic bits, his Sermon on the Mount would be an ideal way of life in which to aspire, but having said that I believe the Bible Jesus is a composite of many so called prophets that lived before the Bible was written, those also included virgin births, resurrections, miracle healings etc., What could any self respecting religion or prophet of God could do without such stories?



I was brought up I suppose like millions as a nominal “Christian” but began my doubts about the age of 18 and that was very hard for me until about the age of 25 when I was able to finally “Sort the chaff from the Wheat’” and free my mind from the grip of the fantasies and traditions of religion. At that stage I could not think of any reason to kill anyone at all, not even in wars, I still can’t. I consider life is very short and very precious because there is nothing to come after, I so value life and believe everyone should be allowed to live until nature defeats scientific medicine and stops their hearts, their brain and mind {soul if you like} and they revert to the state they were before birth. I am now 76 and very near that time by any standard of measurement, but that is the truth, sorrowful though it is. I enjoy the wonders of nature and the Universe, I try to live life to the full and enjoy every minute of it. I must say though, I sometimes despair that thoughts like your exist today after all the lessons that history has taught us.




Ernest you say “Because Hitler was born into a Christian family that does not make him a Christian. You are absolutely right Ernest, probably for the first time, I believe that applies to you also Ernest, you are no where near a Christian to my mind just because you say you are! Neither was Franco. Why?




Because, Jesus did not believe in violence, Jesus said ‘I come to replace the Law of an “eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” with “ I say to you if someone smitteth thee on the right cheek, turn the other cheek for that to be smitteth too” Mathew Chapter 5 verse 39. You and Franco and the other two Fascist Christian gentlemen believed in smiting the other person before he lifts even lift and eye brow to express a liberal thought and then smitteth him down with violence along with millions of others which they carried out with total efficiency




Ernest, you don’t even get a start in the Jesus stakes. I judge a person by their actions not by their words; you admire Franco who accepted the help of the most evil men the world has ever known and with Hitler and Mussolini, committed many acts of atrocity in Spain in the removal of a democratically elected government. Franco not only carried out, as a professed God fearing man, many barbaric acts not only in Spain but also in Morocco which I will refer to later.




Jesus also said ... It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of heaven...and “What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul? “ Mark 8 all verses Jesus urged the rich to give all their wealth to the poor. Mathew chapter 13 verses 45 to 46. I think that is an impossible dream, but Ernest how can you and the Vatican square the teachings of Jesus and accept the right to acquire untold wealth like the rich do? How can you and the church hierarchies, with the teachings of Jesus in mind, prevent by extreme violent means a more equitable distribution of a Nations wealth? I would say you have lost your soul Ernest, so have all those you admire so much, including the Vatican hierarchy in their mad scramble for even more riches. You should try and open the Bible sometime; the church will not open it for you! But Ernest, I fear you are almost beyond redemption.


So when you say Hitler was not a Christian I agree, and again I say neither are you! Those are my answers to your questions I will now provide you with further thoughts of mine for what they are worth.


Ernest you said, Hitler was atheist, you are so wrong again.


Hitler was not an atheist, he believed in God (in his way warped way of course.) Atheist do not believe in Gods at all I’ll have know. It is a matter of curiosity why that fact of Hitler’s professed belief in God has been buried? There must be a hidden ulterior motive somewhere; well he was not a very good example for the faithful was he? Hitler quoted the Bible extensively in his speeches and writings. Many in the German churches thought he was a Christian, so did many Germans. In his ant-Semitism he was only following what he was taught on the knee of the church as a child. Religion has a lot to answer for because Catholics and Protestants persecuted the Jews in pogroms and death by burning at the stake throughout the centuries. At least the previous infallible Pope apologized but how many times can that infallibility be wrong? It’s an oxymoron mate!



Hitler gained power the same way that Franco and Mussolini did with violence and mayhem. Hitler burned the Reichstag, the German Parliament and blamed it on the communists, in that way he generated fear that allowed him to grab power. Franco burned Churches for the same purpose



Having grabbed power Hitler proceeded to form an alliance with the Roman Catholic hierarchy. Quote, The National Government (i.e. Nazi) will regard its first and foremost duty, to revive the spirit of Unity and Cooperation It will preserve and defend those principles on which the Nation was built, it regards Christianity as the foundation of our National morality, and the basis of National life. (My New Order} Proclamation to the German Nation 1 February 1933. "I am now, as before a Catholic, and will always remain so" -- Adolf Hitler. Unquote.

Franco could not have said it any better. You were never told that by the priests Ernest were you?



Ernest go to < http://www.remnantofgod.org/NaziRCC.htm.> There you will find photos of Hitler and the Hierarchy all together as good pals. You will see a very nice photo of a group of Catholic Bishops giving Hitler the Nazi salute! You will love it! To prove his Christian credentials, Hitler passed the Kirchensteuer or “church tax” which in one year alone put 100 million dollars into the Catholic Church coffers, is there any wonder the church Hierarchy remained silent when the Jews were being transported to the Gas chambers? Of course the Church has believed that the Jews were a pestilence for centuries. There were times of conflict between the German church and the Nazi party but that was all forgotten when the Nazis actually came to power and started handing the Church masses of “Filthy lucre.” Ernest, was that the price paid for the “Saving of Souls from hell” which you have stated is the Church’s main mission?



Ernest, you said Franco was not a Fascist, wrong again sorry mate.


 Franco’s party was to the far right called the Phalange' (phalanx). Falange and advocated the the fascist ideals of Germany's Adolf Hitler and Italy's Benito Mussolini.

 General Francisco Franco was actively supported by Hitler and Mussolini, who provided him with military support

 Franco sent a division of troops to fight alongside the Germans on the Eastern Front.

 Franco signed a pact to enter World War Two with the Fascist Axis powers but withdrew because Hitler refused to offer him France’s North African colonies.

 Franco provided asylum to thousands of German Nazi's fleeing justice.

 Franco and Mussolini signed a pact, by which Italy increased it's military aid to Franco. Italian infantry are grouped into a 'Corps of Volunteer Troops'. Italian air support, known as the 'Legionary Air Force', was boosted to 5,000 men.


Ernest, if it walks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a…………… .. fucking duck! Pardon my Latin I could not think of another way of expressing it strongly enough.



Franco was raised and purported to be a Catholic, but saw no contradiction in wanton murder cruelty and terrorism when he fought for the Spanish Army in Morocco, where he was a commander in Spain's Foreign Legion: Despite fierce discipline in other matters, no limits were put by Millin Astray or by Franco on the atrocities which were committed against the Moorish villages they unmercifully attacked.




The decapitation of prisoners and the exhibition of severed heads as trophies were not uncommon. The Duquesa de la Victoria, a philanthropist who organized a team of volunteer nurses, received in 1922 a tribute from the Legion. She was given a basket of roses in the center of which lay two severed Moorish heads. And we thought only Moslems do that!


When the Dictator General Prime de Rivera visited Morocco in 1926, he was appalled to find one battalion of the Legion awaiting inspection with heads stuck on their bayonets. Indeed, Franco and other officers came to feel a fierce pride in the brutal violence of their men, reveling in their grim reputation.



That notoriety was itself a useful weapon in keeping down the colonial population and its efficacy taught Franco much about the exemplary function of terror. In his Diario de zona bandera, he adopted a tone of benevolent paternalism about the savage antics of his men. In Africa, as later in the Peninsula during the Civil War, he condoned the killing and mutilation of prisoners."



The Church, large landowners, banking interests, and large employers – encouraged a military coup against the democratically elected government, which took place in July of 1936. What ensued was The Spanish Civil War which was a fight by the liberal democratic forces of Spain against the axis of evil of that time: Nazism, fascism, and right-wing forces that opposed the much-needed reforms that had been established. These reforms included votes for women, land reform, expansion of labor union rights, establishment of the public school system, (a big no-no! to the Church, they must be in complete control of kids minds at the possible earliest age ) a 40 hour week, paid holidays and many others reforms


On 28 August the Vatican officially recognised Franco's regime. They could hardly wait to get into bed with the Franco regime whilst the rest of the liberal democratic world governments considered it beyond the pale and refused recognition..


Franco declared that he had a list of two million "reds" who are to be punished for their "crimes". The Catholic Church openly supported the Fascist Franco who banned political parties, outlawed Trade Unions, ended the vote for all and restored Catholic Church as as the official religion of Spain. (to the exclusion of other faiths) The Fascist National Movement was made the country's only legal political organisation and the parliament was turned into a rubber stamp for the Fascist regime..


Civil marriage was banned, (all marriages had to be conducted by the priests) divorce and termination of pregnancy was made illegal. The church regained complete control of the education system.( and with it control of the minds of children throughout their education) Most of the reformist legislation introduced by the elected Liberal coalition government were revoked. Strikes were banned, the media was muzzled and the moves towards granting autonomy to Catalonia and the Basque provinces were reversed.


Franco introduced the 'Nuevo Estado' (New State), a system based on the fascist ideas of unquestioning loyalty, the denial of individual rights and freedoms, and state intervention in economic and social management. The Nuevo Estado was legitimised when it received the full support of the Catholic Church again it cannot wait to consummate its marriage to Fascism.


The establishment of the Franco dictatorship started a campaign of terror and mass killings that, as British historian, Professor Paul Preston who resided in Spain has noted, reached genocidal proportions. According to figures provided by the Spanish dictatorship itself, nearly 200,000 people were assassinated (by executions and deaths in concentration camps) in just five years, 1939-1945. These assassinations continued throughout the dictatorship. Just a couple of months before his death in 1975, Franco signed execution orders for five political opponents. The Franco regime was one of the most brutal dictatorships in Europe. For every political assassination that Mussolini ordered, Franco carried out 10,000.


In one the most notorious actions of the war, planes from the German Condor Legion bombed the Basque town of Guernica on 26 April. The attack lasted for about three hours. Guernica was destroyed, 1,654 of its occupants were killed and 889 were wounded. The Franco forces occupied what remained of the town two days later. The Spanish-born artist Pablo Picasso later painted a masterpiece inspired by the bombing. The monochrome canvas is simply titled 'Guernica'. Which depicts Guerinca as an atrocity. It has been said that a German Military officer looked at the picture and said to Picasso, “Did you do that” Picasso replied “No you did!”


Political parties were outlawed, universal voting was eliminated The Facist National Movement was made the country's only legal political organisation and the parliament was turned into a rubber stamp of the Fascist regime.


Spain was going back towards the period in Europe described as “The Dark Ages” when the church ruled every aspect of life and used extreme violence to maintain that rule including torture and burning at the stake (Some Moslem countries are in this stage now) Of course this eventually led to the “Reformation” in which opposition to Rome developed through Protestantism and more liberal religions into what was described “The age of Enlightment” and the freeing of intellectual and scientific ideas of countless numbers of people like Copernicus, Darwin, Newton and Galileo who was threatened with torture and execution because of his idea that the sun does not revolve around the earth, which it doesn’t of course.


The Spanish Civil war was an expression of a right wing reactionary conservatism through Fascism against liberalism, with the full support of the Vatican. Spain became a cultural wilderness as artists and intellectuals were either forced into exile or silenced by censorship.Trade unions were destroyed and their funds and property confiscated. Former supporters of the Popular Front were banned from entering public life


Well Ernest if all that is not Fascism I do not know what is!

I have tried to show you with several emails. what a large Capitalist corporation the Vatican is that owns an investment bank and control of others. It owns industries and properties all over the world. I have tried to explain to you that the Hierarchy, not the rank a file clergy and members, are only interested in making money. It has been involved in many shady deals illegal bankrupticies and money laundering of illegally gained wealth that occurred only relatively recently. There is a very strong evidence that it has been involved in murder again only recently in The Banco Abrosiano affari which the Vatican had a controlling share, it definitely was involved in murders in Spain during the civil war and before during the Spanish Inquisition so murder is nothing new to the Vatican in its crusade to save souls from hell.


The fact that the Vatican as a very big business enterprise existed in an incestuous and devious coalition of the rich property owners, rich industrialists, Fascism and the Banks in Spain, and that is why the hierarchy of the Church opposed the program of the elected government, because they thought it would transfer some wealth downwards to the lower classes and used the slogan “Communism” to instill fear in the public. There was also the fear of the church that if people were freed from the mind control of the church its power would be diluted. The Vatican is all part of the upper class Ernest. They are not interested in saving souls as such, that is a front or at least only a secondary consideration. That is why the Catholic Liberation Front in latin America that works for the under class is condemned by the big business organisation of the Vatican..


People of the Liberation Theologians which were mentioned in previous emails, are close to the disadvantaged that are exploited by the very forces that the Vatican is a part of! Businesses such as the Church are driven to make bigger and bigger profits, that is the inescapable basis of the system. Businesses therefore have to minimise costs to maximise profits, where do they look first for cost cutting? To the work force, so the aspirations of businesses, including the Vatican business seldom run parallel with the aspirations of the perhaps underprivileged workers . Accordingly the Church, as a business, has to paint those seeking to improve the lot of the lower classes, like the Liberaton Theologians, as pariahs and demons with slogans that are easy to parrot like , MARXIST, , MASONS etc., These slogans end all discussion, no further consideration of the matter can take place, further thought is stifled.


The Vatican’s secular business interests are best served by ensuring that its flocks are busy working to have their souls saved from hell by constantly attending mass, carrying out on the rituals,counting beads parroting hail Mary’s, and generally keeping their minds away from thoughts of their condition in the “In the here and now” All this whilst they, in the Vatican, go on with the real purpose of life as they see it , making lots and lots of money huddled over their computer monitors in the Vatican, studying the stock markets and gambling of amounts counted in the millions. Of course they enjoy a life in virtual opulence in their palaces within the Vatican walls completely isolated from the plight of the underprivileged world’s masses.


Ernest these characters are a totally different breed than Jesus and his twelve fishermen disciplines who were, we are told, lived exemplary simple lives in poverty and frugality, and the Jesus that upturned the money changers tables in the Temple because he believed business and religion should not mix! Mark 11:15-19, 11:27-33, Matthew 21:12-17, 21:23-27 Luke 19:45-48, 20:1-8) John 2:12-25. Ernest, the stock exchanges gamblers are the money changers of today and they are in the Temple of the Vatican, now as we speak! They go to the market with money and change it hopefully for more money. The market is money! That is”usury” Ernest and it is condemned in the Christian bible , Ex. 22:25; Lev. 25:35-37; Deut. 23:19; Psa. 15:5; Prov. 28:8; Jer. 15:10; Ezek. 18:8,13,17; 22:12. Neh. 5:1-13., Deut. 23:20. Ezek. 22:12. Ezek. 18:8.

All this will go straight over your head because they have indoctrinated you with another slogan, in advance to fight the truth if it should reach your ears and that is “Agent of the Devil” This is the Mother of all slogans and firmly places another brick in the wall between greed and selfishness and rational thought and logic. Ernest you are being conned like we all were, but some of us of have broken free from the mind control of the church.


So Ernest, have all your slogans ready, MARXIST, COMMUNISTS, ATHEIST, MASONS, AGENT OF THE DEVIL, those are all you need to mindlessly parrot without understanding to avoid enquiry, research and the use of your intellect.


If you have read to the end, Peace be with you Ernest,







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