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Offended Fundy Of The Year

R. S. Martin

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I nominate...why can't I think of his name when I need it...well I don't need it. Here's the credentials:

  • claims to be coast guard of USA
  • assistent manager of a fundy site that is groomed for investors (which I figured out by reading off-site stuff) but pretends to be open-minded to all religions
  • kicked me off the site for imagined offenses (manager can't handle fundy-bashing; probably that was the offense; probably his tarteted customers are fundies; that's a lot of "probabilities" and they are high in my estimation)
  • I did my bashing in walled gardens designed for that purpose but apparently that didn't pass either
  • nick=Q; still can't think of the whole screen name.

One of my purposes for being on that forum was to explore religious options. There was a separate section for all the different world religions. Because of the interest in liberal Christianity, pushed mainly by me perhaps, a section was made for it. That's the kind of laizzie faire board it was.


Off-stage activity before I was kicked off. I cozied up to this cop--or he cozied up to me. One day I asked him what Christ means to him. He wrote up a really beautiful piece. I wanted to post it on my Humanist Truth website but didn't dare do it without his permission. I couldn't make up my mind whether or not to ask him. In the meantime he kicked me off for said imagined offense.


I don't take kindly to that kind of treatment so I snuk right back in under the wire, right under the cop's nose. I posted but was really careful not to offend anyone. I REALLY wanted his permission to post his piece. (I also snuk into Ruby's account and the bastard manager lied and said the account was active. That was another piece of his advice to prospective buyers--check out the level of activity of the forum.)


One day I asked the cop via pm if I could post that piece; I attached a copy so he would know what I was talking about. He replied in a way that made no sense and could be taken for a yes or a no. I guess cops get a lot of practice saying yes and no at the same time, huh?


Me being the super-conscientious girl that I am did not feel free to post it under those circumstances. Finally I came right out and told him who I am, acknowledged that he was probably more likely to bann me than grant permission, but that I was asking all the same.


Several days and meetings later I got the permission, plus the info that he had talked with all the committee and everyone knew who I was, but that I could keep on posting providing I made no waves and rocked no boats. So I got my cake and I ate it, too.


Can you imagine the dull life that was? You guessed it--I didn't hang around long after I had what I wanted. BUT...


One day before I left I posted something that I wasn't sure if it was okay. I told Mr. Fundy that it would be okay if he deleted it.


Guess what. He was OFFENDED.


No, he wasn't offended by my post. He was offended that I gave him permission to delete it. Yes, you heard right. It was as though I was undermining his authority in some way or another.


It made no sense. However, this winter I've been reading a batch of books by a guy named Walter Wink. He looks at the "powers and prinicipalities" in Eph. 6:12, and other passages.


Wink's bottom line is how to undermine the enemy's power nonviolently. Using that logic I finally understand how come this fundy was offended when I gave him permission to delete my stuff. Now listen carefully:


By GIVING him permission to delete it, I was ROBBING him of the power to hurt me. And that is Wink's trick--you take away the enemy's dignity by keeping your own.


Of course, that works only if the other party is not totally honest and has a lot to lose. It can't touch a person who is totally honest and always comes clean. The latter operates by reason; the former operates by the shame/honor system.

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Just now I reread this rant. It sure feels good having it out here in the open where I can look at it. This stuff happened last fall--perhaps October. It's been simmering all these months. I'd see the guy's face in my mind and I'd just want to bash in his nose. I'd rehearse all these arguments to do him in. I'd think of the bastard manager and nearly faint from wrath. The whole thing is so fucking corrupt it blasts my brain.

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I was on a few christian messageboards as a mod when I was into all that stuff. You would not believe the "behind the scenes" talking about other people that is done. To me it was very hypocritical. People were often banned or put on babysitter mode for any slight thought that didn't agree with the christian thought. No free thinking allowed at all, LOL! I mean, what is the point of having a discussion with others if only people that agree with each other are allowed to discuss? Makes for a boring conversation.

Good observation you made on that guy's true personality.

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The OOZE was very tolerant of me... and I've made a few friends out of it... but I don't post there any more since I cuaght the depth of the monstrous nature of the beliefs of even 'liberal' Christians.

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Emergent Christian site. I had a brief interest to see what current theology looked liked. It looks like the old one, just in jeans and trainers. They try to cover up being The Borg, and some of them are ok.

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