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11 Fundy Questions


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I went to a christian website wanting to flex some brain and I got to the one below. There was no forum (that I noticed) to post answers to so I thought I'd post them here. Sorry in advance if they all look familiar.


I plan on reposting this on my blog and other forums I visit so critiques, grammar and spelling corrections welcome :D


from: http://www.christiananswers.net/q-aiia/cosmosallthereis.html


1. "If all of life is meaningless, and ultimately absurd, why bother to march straight forward, why stand in the queue as though life as a whole makes sense?" 'Francis Schaeffer, The God Who Is There

-To an atheist, life is not meaningless, it is the opposite. I live with the knowledge that this is the only life I will have and will strive to extract happiness and meaning from it before I die. The believer on the other hand contends that there is a better life waiting for them after death, thus rendering this life meaningless in the absurdity that it's a preparation for it.


2. If everyone completely passes out of existence when they die, what ultimate meaning has life? Even if a man's life is important because of his influence on others or by his effect on the course of history, of what ultimate significance is that if there is no immortality and all other lives, events, and even history itself is ultimately meaningless?

-Meaningless again? I do not regale myself with fairy-tales of an existence beyond death; this does not imply that what I do in life is meaningless. The ultimate meaning in life is to live, experience consciousness to start off with and then onto love and happiness, the positive and negative emotions felt helping to shape character. This, while inglorious compared to the false promises of immortality is what gives hope and meaning to living a desirable life so that when death comes knocking unannounced I would be thankful that I have experienced life.


3. Suppose the universe had never existed. Apart form God, what ultimate difference would that make?

-The difference is you wouldn't be asking and me answering your questions if the universe never existed.


4. In a universe without God or immortality, how is mankind ultimately different from a swarm of mosquitoes or a barnyard of pigs?

-We have cognition and self-awareness. God in the bible doesn't acknowledge people in India, China and Samoa but they exhibited moral constructs more advanced than some of those in the bible when they, as a people were 'discovered'.


5. What viable basis exists for justice or law if man is nothing but a sophisticated, programmed machine?

-The principle of not causing unnecessary suffering. What could be a more viable basis than that?


6. Why does research, discovery, diplomacy, art, music, sacrifice, compassion, feelings of love, or affectionate and caring relationships mean anything if it all ultimately comes to naught anyway?

-Naught? I can't believe this question is asked again.


7. Without absolute morals, what ultimate difference is there between Saddam Hussein and Billy Graham?

-Saddam Hussein ended many lives unnecessarily while Billy Graham ended and suppressed much intellect. Seriously, if 'do not kill' is an absolute moral then Saddam is guilty of all charges but if Saddam is a pastor of a Christian church and he saw a suicide bomber running into his packed church, his moral conviction to prevent the blast by any means possible is to be commended, if that was too subtle; he kills the bastard before he sets the bomb off. He killed him and broke that absolute moral commandment, though I'm sure no one, even God himself won't fault this action.


8. If there is no immortality, why shouldn't all things be permitted?(Dostoyevsky)

-I don't understand this question but I'll say that once one gets struck down by the cold realization that there is no immortality, then one would do everything possible to extend mortality. Do good unto others so that hopefully they return it in kind. I am not sure of what 'all things' encompass but I guess it mostly means bad things which in turn, defeat the purpose of valuing life.


9. If morality is only a relative social construct, on what basis could or should anyone ever move to interfere with cultures that practice apartheid, female circumcision, cannibalism, or ethnic cleansing?

-Why are your questions repackaged and flavored differently when the same answer to the similar one before applies? The list of abominations you wave around causes unnecessary suffering; one is moved to help someone who is suffering from the stirs of their conscience and not to an adherence to an absolute construct.


10. If there is no God, on what basis is there any meaning or hope for fairness, comfort, or better times?

-Meaning, hope, fairness, comfort and better times have been shown to come from a no-god too. Case in point: Me. :D


11. Without a personal Creator-God, how are you anything other than the coincidental, purposeless miscarriage of nature, spinning round and round on a lonely planet in the blackness of space for just a little while before you and all memory of your futile, pointless, meaningless life finally blinks out forever in the endless darkness?

-Why do you feel the need to erect these poor strawmen to explain me? I am indeed lucky (in the loosest sense) to be alive. I will use that chance to live life unrestrained by poor moral absolutes described in your holy book. My moral sense is derived from the society I am in and it is good that this society values life and doing what is right. Enjoy your non-existent meaning in your non-existent afterlife when you finally blink out, I am comfortable with and accept my fate.

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You seem to handle yourself fairly well Gusdafa. You've clearly got something going on upstairs.

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I like your answers. May I steal your idea and answer these questions elsenet too? :thanks:

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Too kind guys.


gwenmead, ideas are meant to be shared. :D

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