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Misdemeanors For Jesus!


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I posted this as a reply to the How did you find this site thread, and decided that it's a good enough question to make a thread out of.


Someone wrote the web address for this site down on the bathroom wall at work amongst the fundie vandalism.


Does anyone else think it's odd that Christians seem to think defacing private property is okay, as long as you're promoting Jesus?


Sure, there are 'like dick? call me!' or 'jessie is a whore' and 'Jews suck' tags there, but more than half the vandalism I see around my area is. 'Jesus Saves' or 'Jesus is coming!', or some other similar praise line. Often with a shorthand bible verse like: Mark 3:22, sometimes even a whole list of them.


I find it odd that Christians think that just because Gays, Whores, and Racist deface property, that it's okay for them to do it too. [Though, it would explain the behavior of certain unnamed clergymen...Cough cough Haggard cough cough]


They also seem to take up the most wall space, and use the biggest marker they can find to make huge symbols.


Do they really think someone sitting on the can in a public restroom is going to get out and rush home to look up all the bible passage short hand they wrote down? Like I'm going to get saved because I saw Mat 22:13 while I was taking a dump?


It's nice of them to leave free toilet paper in the stall with little pictures of hell laying about, but what kind of idiot thinks I'm going to walk out of the bathroom at a store, gas station, or restaurant and somehow find a bible laying about to look up their passage in?


I don't get the thought process behind it, really. Like the owner of said wall is going to say. "Well, normally we prosecute vandals, but since you're spreading the love of Jesus, it's okay..."


Isn't that kind of like shoplifting to feed homeless people who hang out in the parking lot of a grocery store?


Why is it considered okay to do this?


Can anyone else think of other small 'harmless' crimes that are used to 'spread' a message that no one is actually going to pay attention too?


Would a Christian really admit to being saved that way? Wouldn't it be a bit embarrassing to say: "Well, I was taking a shit at Walmart, when I saw Mark 9:17 on the wall. It was exactly what I needed! Jesus was revealed to me right there! Jesus saves! it said next to it, and boy was that guy right! I didn't even need to know what Mark 9:17 said, just the passage name was enough! Praise him!"


Littering with tracts is another common tactic.


"Well, I was on my way to the Liquor store, to buy a few bottles of JD to get me through the afternoon. Suddenly, I saw about ten rain soaked peices of trash on the ground in the grass by the sidewalk. I picked one up, and it told me I was going to hell! Suddenly, I was so filled with the Holy Spirit that I knew Jesus was only threatening me because he loved me! It was amazing, I even stopped being queer, whoring myself out, and thinking about things that don't praise him! Being filled with the holy spirit was much better than any man who filled me before! Praise him!"


How is it that small criminal behaviors are okay, as long as Jesus is involved? Did he become some sort of misdemeanor mob boss? Do they really think he'd be pleased with them for this sort of thing?


There are a lot of strange behaviors I associate with 'faithful' but this one is just...bizzare.


Thoughs? Other examples I might have missed here? Strange preachings read on bathroom walls?

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I never really thought about littering or vandalism or the like, but I've always considered it pecular that it's apparently OK to lie if it's in the context of a sermon. I'm not talking about "faith" related things, but real misrepresenation of real facts.


Science, especially evolution, is one area of pulpit lies. I've heard preachers explain that the entire theory of human evolution is based on a single tooth, that there are huge gaps in the fossil record, etc. The contention that "according to science, bee's can't fly" is another popular one. I think they just keep repeating stuff they've heard without ever checking it's veracity.


There is a whole class of urban legends that survives mainly through the pulpit - stories of the activities of satanic cults, persecution of xtians, retold and embellished tales of supernatural occurances. Rumor is perfectly acceptable if it agrees with this week's sermon.

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A local Chinese Christian group - "Glory" - was arrested a month ago for illegaly copying thousands of DVD's, books and CD's in a police copyright raid. They were copying bibles and Christian books/DVD's from overseas. (What's with the Chinese and illegally copying everything anyhow?) They argued that they were merely spreading the word of "God" and that money from the sale of these illegal items went into the church. They were given just a slap on the wrist, while other's who break the copyright laws are heavily fined or jailed!

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