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Skepticality #053 - Atheists Are People Too. Interviews: Lori Lipman Brown and the Rational Response Squad


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On our last episode, Skeptic publisher Dr. Michael Shermer shared his thoughts about a recently televised Nightline debate between evangelical ministers Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron and "Rational Response Squad" members Brian Sapient and Kelly. Brian and Kelly contacted Skepticality, and Swoopy had a chance to talk with them this week about the work of the Rational Response Squad, and about what went on behind the scenes of the Nightline debate.Most relevant to skeptics, the gang discusses Brian's recent involvement in a lawsuit against Uri Geller, who recently pressured online video host YouTube to remove a James Randi Nova expose regarding his spoon-bending psychic claims.Also, Skepticality's Washington DC correspondent former Nevada State SenatorÃÂLoriÃÂLipman Brown, theÃÂfederal lobbyist for the Secular Coalition for America updates Derek and Swoopy about legislative issues pertaining to nontheists. http://skepticality.libsyn.com/index.php?post_id=219789#

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