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Can The Religious Left Sway The '08 Race?


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Can the religious left sway the '08 race?

Christian Science Monitor


"John Edwards spoke about how prayer helped him get through the death of his son and his wife's cancer diagnoses. Barack Obama repeatedly invoked the biblical phrase 'I am my brother's keeper' as he spoke about poverty and injustice. Hillary Rodham Clinton credited her faith with getting her through her husband's infidelities. This was no garden-variety political presentation by the top three Democratic presidential candidates Monday night on the campus of George Washington University, in the shadow of the White House.

The forum, sponsored by the progressive Christian group Sojourners, represented the boldest indication yet that the 'religious left' is building as a political force, no longer willing to cede 'values voters' to the religious conservative movement that has long formed the activist base of the Republican Party. The candidates' easy willingness to appear at the forum also represents a watershed for the modern Democratic Party: Intimate discussion of faith, and how it informs policy views and personal behavior, is no longer an arms-length proposition at the party's highest levels." (06/06/07)



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I feel its just a way to win votes, just like anything else they say.

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