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Oldest Known Mushroom Found In Amber


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With an unsurmounting level of evidence, what else will it take for literal interperters of the 6k year old

earth take to understand it is almost the most ludicrous idea?


I once went to a talk by Richard Pratt, hosted by www.christchurchberkeley.org.

You can find the recorded talk here: http://www.christchurchberkeley.org/worshi...ad-sermons/P20/


Not to say the least, there were a lot of skeptics in the audience.


One thing that really bugged me about Pratt's commentary is that it's not intellectual suicide if you

read the core issues of the Bible and you ignore all the fuzzy stuff. This isn't his exact words, but

that was what he was getting at. He didn't like to use the word "faith", so he called it the "f-word".


He regards himself as a devout christian, yet he ignores a lot of the bible and places

faith on the stuff he deems contradictory to science.


In my opinion, he has committed intellectual suicide a long time ago.


- alfred



As a progressive, living in one of hte most progessive cities in California, I respect the church linked above.

The lead pastor has always been there to listen and answer my questions, as incompetent as my questions

are; and has been one of the most honest persons I have met.

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