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Do They Really Believe What They Preach?


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It's another round of everyone's favorite game, do they believe what they preach? Rate each person on a scale of 1 to 5. 1, they know they're full of bull, 5, they actually believe what they teach. In between, is they believe to varying degrees. Keep in mind each person's particular claims, not just their theism.


Last time I asked this (in a more formal matter) I asked about the Pope, C.S. Lewis, and some televangelists. This time, I threw in cults, terrorists, and controversial figures on top of Christian fundies for some flavor.


John Hagee

Tim LaHaye

Jerry B. Jenkins

Louis Farakhan

Jim Jones

Osama Bin Laden

Neturei Karta

Deepak Chopra

Fred Phelps

L Ron Hubbard

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I think all of them do besides L. Ron and maybe Osama. (I think Osama might just be a politician milking the religion thing for power...he's not doing the suicide bombing himself, afterall...just convincing his cronies to do it.)


And Hubbard was almost certainly intentionally scamming people.


I think the rest are genuinely delusional.

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