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What Music Do You Like?


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This is a pitiful confession- I haven't listened to anything but Christian music for 30 years! Time for some new CDs and I don't even know what's out there and what I like. Suggestions?

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Oh my. Start with just getting some compilation CDs for different styles of music to find your thing. The plethora of music is so overwhelming that you have to get some idea of your taste first.


Do you like:

Classical? Electronic? Dance? Jazz? Blues? Rock? Heavy Metal? ...

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Hmm... some of my favourite, accessible music... and Don't be afraid to go back in time!!! Some of the greatest music is older - personally I LOVE the sixties, seventies, and eighties...


Pink Martini (World, with a heavy latin influence)

Imogen Heap (Electronic pop and vocal AMAZINGNESS)

Frou Frou (see above)

Sarah Slean (piano-based indie-pop)

Simon and Garfunkel (guitar-based folk pop)

Jefferson Airplane (prog rock)

Sandy Denny / Fairport Convention (prog folk)

The Cure (new wave)

The Weakerthans (alt rock)

The Indigo Girls (folk pop)

Our Lady Peace (alt rock)

The Tragically Hip (alt rock)

Norah Jones (jazz pop)

Peter Gabriel (AMAZING, incategorizable)

Kate Bush (ALSO AMAZING same as above, though the only solo woman to successfully master prog rock)

Leonard Cohen (legend)

Franz Ferdinand (alt indie rock)

Flora Purim (jazz fusion, brazilian)

Feist (!!! FEIST !!! alt/pop/folk/indie)

Emiliana Torrini (guitar pop, very light, very chill)

David Bowie (legend)

Coldplay (pretty alt/rock)

Tori Amos (piano pop/rock/angry chick music)

The Cocteau Twins (beautiful ethereal indiepop)

Buena Vista Social Club (latin)

Al Di Meola / John McLaughlin / Paco de Lucia (latin guitar - geniuses all)

Pat Metheny (jazz fusion - guitar)

Chick Corea (jazz fusion - piano)

Keith Jarrett (jazz/classical piano)

Bela Fleck (jazz/folk/pop banjo - awesome!)

Beck (alternative)

Ani DiFranco (folk/pop)

K-os (hip-hop with positive lyrics)

Juliana Hatfield (girl rock)

Jorane (cello-based folk/pop)

Joni Mitchell (!!!!!!!) (Legend)

The Beatles (legend)

The Rolling Stones (legend)

Blur (alt rock)

Gorillaz (alt rock, hip-hop, electronic)


you've got a really wide range of genres on that list - hit iTunes or some other online music site where you can listen to free samples and see what strikes your fancy... the opportunities are endless!! I LOVE music and it's such a shaping force in my life, i love to share what i've been listening to with others. Have fun!

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I have a lot of favourite bands and singers. In no particular order, they are...




Fall Out Boy


Maroon 5

Linkin Park


Snow Patrol

The Fray

Panic! At The Disco

Hilltop Hoods


Scissor Sisters

Green Day

Admiral Twin

My Chemical Romance

Collective Soul

Crowded House


The Cranberries

Smashing Pumpkins

The Offspring

Goo Goo Dolls



John Butler Trio

Papa Roach

Rogue Traders

Alkaline Trio

After The Fall


End Of Fashion

The Veronicas

Coheed And Cambria

All-American Rejects



Jack’s Mannequin

The Living End




Sarah McLachlan

Josh Pyke

Stephanie McIntosh

Shannon Noll

Kelly Clarkson

Kasey Chambers

John Farnham

Rob Thomas


Keith Urban

Billy Joel

Jimmy Barnes

Mandy Kane


I'm mostly into punk rock and rock with an occasional side of pop, which explains the above list.

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My music changes with my moods. I listen to a wide range of different styles. I'm not trying to sell this but I have enjoyed Comcast Rhapsody for several years now. It has the variety I like and sometimes I search out other types of music when I want(when I get bored).


Here are some of the styles I like at different times





A little Country








And last but not least



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I love a whole variety of music, everything from rock to dance, from celtic to old 40's standards.


Therefore, in the interest of trying to get you hooked up, may I suggest a few of the following sites:


www.accuradio.com - This place has EVERYTHING. Rock, Dance, Country, Celtic (I especially like the Traditional station), chinese pop, etc.


www.celticmusicpodcast.com - This is the free Irish & Celtic Music podcast that Marc Gunn (from the Brobdingnaghian Bards) puts out semi-weekly. You don't even need iTunes to listen.


www.live365.com - Too many genre's to handle. May I suggest "The Green Lounge"? It's all really cool standards, like Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, & Ella Fitzgerald.


And for the sake of modern music:


www.bbc.co.uk/radio1 - This is the live, London-based pop, rock, & dance station that has gone insanely international in the past couple of years. If you take off the 1 next to Radio1, you can access all their radio stations, even some cool stuff in Gaelic & Welsh!


So there, I hope that helps a bit.


Good luck finding your niche!

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Most of the stuff I like is electronic music (synthpop, techno, hard dance, rave)


But I have plenty of time for Goth and heavy metal too.


But like Han says, it's probably worthwhile getting compilations of different styles of music at first to see what types of music you like.


There's classical, jazz, country, blues, reggae, soul, rock, metal, dance, rap. That's already quite a lot to be getting on with.


Personally I would reccomend the Beatles, Metallica, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Aphex Twin, Prodigy and the Chemical Brothers. But that's just me :grin:

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In my opinion, you haven't missed out on much since the early 90's. Music has pretty much sucked since then. Personally, I love the music of the 80's. That was just one awesome decade, the music included! But, I also like music from the 50's, 60's, and 70's. My favorite bands are, in no particular order:


Glen Frey (because I happen to have "Smuggler's Blues" playing in my head right now)

The Eagles


Stevie Ray Vaughan

Bryan Adams

'til Tuesday


Red Rider

Pink Floyd

The Beatles

Simon and Garfunkel

The Doors

The Bangles


Billy Joel

Elvis Presley

Bob Seger

Bonnie Tyler


Buddy Holly


Deep Purple

Def Leppard


Don Henley

The Guess Who


Huey Lewis & The News

John Denver




Men at Work

Pat Benetar

The Pretenders

Rick Springfield

Sammy Hagar

Rod Stewart

The Scorpions


Steve Perry


The Stray Cats



Taylor Dayne

Tears for Fears

The B-52's

The Clash

The Cult

Tina Turner

Tom Petty


The Tubes

Van Halen


ZZ Top

John Fogerty

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts


There are several bands I included in the list for their "one hit wonders", but they are worth checking out.


And on the New Age side of things - Yanni


Mozart is cool too if you like classical music at all.



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This is a pitiful confession- I haven't listened to anything but Christian music for 30 years! Time for some new CDs and I don't even know what's out there and what I like. Suggestions?


Wow that is kind of sad. Even when I was a christian I listened to "secular" music too. Most christian music is completely unoriginal and mediocre at best. They are just trying to make christian versions of secular music. First of all what genre of music do you like? What did you listen to in the christian music ghetto? :HaHa: I say go to myspace, click on music,(you don't have to sign in), there is a list of genres, Pop, country, alternative etc. You can hear what's out there.

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Try iTunes or something like it. You can download a song (legally) without having to buy the whole CD. It's a good way to find out what you like and what you don't like. Also, it's summer, so if you live in the US, it's also garage sale season. You should be able to get some cheap CDs (or tapes, if you have a tape player). I myself listen to pretty much everything except rap, country/western and heavy metal. My tastes haven't changed drastically since I was a Christian, but then I was never in a church where we couldn't listen to popular music.


Also, just try listening to the radio for a while. You may find a station you listen to constantly, or you may switch between a few (I do that). But that's a good free way to figure out what you like.

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I'm enjoying Joplin as I write. Amazing stuff.


Janis or Scott? ;)


Both are great, in totally different ways!

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Read at your own risk :) ...




...I find something nice in pretty much every genre except German Volksmusik, with my two favorite artists currently being... *cough cough*... Enya and Manowar. Yep, pretty much at the same time. :crazy:


(For those who might not know, Enya = very beautiful Celtic-like stuff, Manowar = True Metal™ with many homages to the High Gods of the North)

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I'm currently enjoying Marilyn Manson's latest.


I don't listen to much in English. Usually I listen to Gackt, B'z, Rip Slyme, Tamaki Nami, M-flo, Kreva, Buck Tick, Bonnie Pink, and Koda Kumi. I'm looking forward to Shazna's new album this year, used to be a fan years ago.

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I try to bring you to every genre

I am surprised to meet such ex-xian.

new age:


dan gibson





fergie,blackeyed peas,justin timberlake,ne-yo,kelly clarkson

punk/rock:marion rarven,good charlotte



I am listening to soundtrack mostly,particulary charlotte's web and pirates of carribean(great songs included he's a pirate,at wits end,up is down),harry potter,star wars



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My favorite style of music is Black Metal - currently listening to Nachtmystium and Gorgoroth. I also adore Classical (including Medieval) as well as anything ambient. But I'm open to just about everything.


... Enya...


Right ther with you, bro - Enya is excellent :58:

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www.bbc.co.uk/radio1 - This is the live, London-based pop, rock, & dance station that has gone insanely international in the past couple of years. If you take off the 1 next to Radio1, you can access all their radio stations, even some cool stuff in Gaelic & Welsh!

Alright Rhia! I am just digging some Radio One. I like Bobby Friction and Nihal.

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No need to fret. I like Enya as well :woohoo:


I was more thinking about the combination of Enya and Manowar. Some people might think it's weird that on the memory card of my cell phone you can currently find my personal best-of collection of Enya right next to Manowar's "Gods of War"... :)

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My tastes are eclectic, to say the least. Some of my many favourites are...


Blind Guardian (German metal band)

Kurt Elling (Jazz singer/beat poet, all-round cool guy)

Yes (My favourite progressive rock band)

Genesis (but only up to the album Wind and Wuthering)

Solo work of Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett, both Genesis alumni

The Strawbs


Joe Satriani

Foo Fighters


Alison Moyet

Led Zeppelin

The Police

James Ehnes, very talented Canadian classical violinist

The Who

The Guess Who (:wave: waves to Brother Jeff)

Steely Dan

The Doors




And the Enya song "Book of Days" is one of my all-time favourites. (I prefer the Irish version to the English)

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Aaah, Blind Guardian. I had the honor to enjoy one concert of them for free (well, not entirely free - on duty as medic), in a small hall in Hildesheim when I still lived there. They are cool for sure. :)

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Most of my favorites have already been mentioned (like in the first or second reply, the one with Feist and Franz Ferdinand), but among those who I haven't seen listed yet (unless I just missed it):


Maroon 5

New Pornographers

Belle & Sebastian

Electric Light Orchestra

The White Stripes

The Doors

Jimi Hendrix

Stevie Wonder

The Smashing Pumpkins



And though they have already been mentioned, I will re-iterate: THE BEATLES. Although if it's been "just" 30 years since you listened to anything else, you may have known the Beatles before then. But yes, the Beatles, and David Bowie, and Janis Joplin, and the Killers, and Dave Matthews Band, and Elton John... the list goes on and on. Lately I've been enjoying the Clientele album "Strange Geometry."


You could listen/watch music videos on Youtube, check out the music channels at launch.yahoo.com (or any of the websites that others mentioned), get stuff at garage sales (great suggestion!), and- just try listening to different radio stations! People hardly seem to care about the radio anymore, it seems, but that's how I discovered lots of great music over the years. Of course, a lot of good stuff never makes it to the radio, but it's a good place to get acquainted with the basics and the big acts. Also, those compilation CDs are good... most stores have a bunch. I know Walmart and Target have big racks full of CDs like "70s Rock Hits," "90s Dance," "All-time Romantic Songs," etc.


When you find something you like, look online (I recommend Amazon.com and buying from the 3rd party vendors- the "new and used" folks- it's really cheap) and buy some CDs for yourself, or download some albums. My boyfriend trades CDs online at www.lala.com, but I don't know how it works.


Have fun on your musical discovery! I had always loved music, but I remember when I first really started to discover music on my own, between the ages of 9 and 11. It was so wonderful.

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Oh, and Death Cab for Cutie is pretty good if you end up liking indie pop-rock. (If that's even a genre!)


And SUFJAN STEVENS! How could I forget? :) He's a singer-songwriter... check out his "Come On Hear the Illinoise" album and be amazed.

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Also! John Legend is a great modern R&B/soul singer, as is Alicia Keys. Al Green, Barry White, and Luther Vandross are all classic soul singers... such smooooth, sexy voices!


I'm just going to keep thinking of other bands you "must" hear, I just know it. ;)

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If you have a high speed connection your best bet is to check out the plethora of free Internat Radio stations that are available online. Just do a search on "internet radio" and pick some stations and start listening until you find something that tickles you ear. 2 of my favorites are "Delicious Agony Progressive Rock Radio" for music with a progressive flavor both old school bands (YES, ELP, KING CRIMSON) from the 60's and 70's but also a multitude of great newer bands that, sadly, most people have never heard of (Marillion, SPOCKS BEARD, The FLOWER KINGS and these are some of the more well known ones...). Then for a more classic rock vibe I like "Nova Classic Rock" it comes out of the Hague in the Netherlands and plays a great varity of classic rock and pop that Clear Channel's so called Classic Rock Stations can only dream of, classic music from the UK as well as the USA (stuff even I have never heard!).

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