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...then his death should have cancelled out freewill as Christians assert that freewill is a necessary condition for one to make a choice and these choices can either be stuffed causually into one of two boxes of either good or evil (allowing no middle ground of course for fine ethical distinctions).


But no, sin still exists and freewill exists.


So, what did Jesus die for?

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Jesus died. That much is evident, providing we accept that he ever existed. Why did he die? That's what xianity is trying to prove. Jesus died when he was supposed to be the Messiah. His friends couldn't accept the reality of his death so they dreamed up how to give meaning to his death. They figured out that in the larger context of things Jesus was the sacrificial lamb of God. Then when the Temple and its sacrificial system was deleted, this made a lot of sense. Peace with God was finally accomplished. The death of a god-man was required to accomplish this. Like Paul says, all the beasts slain over the centuries were not enough but Jesus finally filled up the measure of God's wrath, or however that goes.


That is my own personal understanding after wrestling with the question for so many decades. It can't be that Jesus death was meaningless. So, in solidarity with the first Jesus people, Christians to the present day give meaning to Jesus death by swearing fealty--or the church's equivilent.


That makes more sense than anything else I have yet been able to come across. It is not only perverse; it's downright evil.

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