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If you think the Koran is fun, try the Hadiths. They consist of thousands of supposed sayings of Muhammad collected centuries after his death by people who only heard them second hand. If you want proof that most religion is the work of men working after the fact, look no further; Muhammad's personality varies greatly depending on who is telling the story. The Hadiths range greatly, from the wise:


Muhammad says, "You should support a Muslim whether he is oppressed or oppressor."


The Muslims ask, "How can we support him if he is an oppressor?"


Muhammad answers, "By stopping him."




Muhammad says, "The winner of fights is not powerful. The one who controls his anger is."




To the violent:


Muhammad says, "There is a Jew behind me. Kill him."


Muhammad says, "Only our religion shall remain in Arabia. All others will be expelled."



To the painfully obvious:


Muhammad says, "Check your sheets for scorpions before lying down."




The Hadiths make for an interesting read and capture the human art of storytelling about legendary figures. I pity the billion Muslims who hold them theologically authoritative though.

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Didn't he tell his followers to stone a female monkey once, because she was "committing adultery"?

What an insane man.

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