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Hey, Mom! I'm An Atheist

Euthyphro's Thorn

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I wasn't quite sure where to put this, but it has quite a rant in it.


Hey, Mom! I'm an Atheist!


How many of you have gotten this type of reaction after telling someone you're no longer a xian?

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Well, my mother kinda had it figured out last summer, probably even longer. She seems disappointed about it, but we are still on good terms anyway. She doesn't hold any negative feelings towards atheists (except for Tom Leykis). In fact, she once had an openly-atheist coworker that she had respect for. When he died a couple of years ago to Leukhemia, she said she believed he was in Heaven. :shrug:


My dad never really involved himself in my religious upbringing. In fact, he told me that he was agnostic a few months ago. He is generally a skeptic.


Apparently, so did my sister-in-law, according to my niece K. Last summer, I went to watch one of those wife-swapping shows. She told me right then and there that she knew I didn't believe. She didn't have any negative reaction to it that I could tell.


My other niece E took it the hardest, but she has gotten over it since then, and she still looks up to me.


My older nephew J was kinda shocked, but it didn't take much for him to get over it. Actually, nowadays, my nieces tell me he doesn't like church. I get this feeling he is most likely to abandon religion of all my brother's kids.


My other nephew j probably doesn't know. I am sure he will find out from his older siblings.

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Poor kid. My Mom cries...his Mom screams, and now he gets no Christmas presents, because that's what Christmas is about...Jesus Christ *sarcasm*

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