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Pigs In The Parlor Amazon Discussion

Brother Jeff

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Years ago back in my fanatic fundie days I read the book "Pigs in the Parlor". It was written in 1973, but it appears to still be popular among fundies today. The author of the book was an intensely paranoid individual who saw demons under just about every rock and who thought demons could enter your life through just about any "door" that you gave them. I feel really sorry for the poor guy and I would hate to live in his world (assuming that he is still living now). Anyway, I reviewed the book recently over at Amazon.com and some fundie replied to my review. I replied to his reply just a while ago. This may or may not turn into a conversation over there, but I thought it was interesting enough to be worth sharing anyway. Here's the link:





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What M. Green describes is clinical mental illness. I would like to think the person so affected got medical help. Something tells me he/she probably did not.

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I think it's hilarious that Amazon reports the following as among the tags customers use in reference to that book:




false teaching





And the final word:


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