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God's Justice System


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These are examples that I have came up with expressing how God uses justice in his system of heaven and hell. This is examples that if people turn they will burn.All of these are based off the idea of if you believe in Jesus you will go to heaven and if you don't well you get fried. I realize this is not what everyone once believed or whatnot but this shows God's justice is fucked up more than the US Justice system. Enjoy also feel free to add verses that show God's illogical use of justice.


Example 1 - ( Scenerio Based)- Pastor Touches Boy


A pastor who preaches God's word every Sunday gets in a back room with an 11 year old (who is a Christian) and molests him at a young age. This event occurs and the 11 year old boy quits going to church because God did not answer or help him. The boy then becomes an atheist because of the acts of the pastor. The pastor does get jailed and whatnot years later but he has begged for forgiveness from the lawd for his actions.


Now under God's book who is going to heaven and who is going to hell:


The Pastor who molested the boy- He gets a free ticket to heaven just because he believes in the lawd regardless of what he did.


The Boy- Gets sent to the eternal pressure cooker because he felt betrayed by the church because of what the pastor did. The church itself made the boy turn basically through the actions.



Now this is illogical but what is more illogical that God supposbly knows everything, past, present and future and that leads to example 2 ( Bible times)



Example 2: The Nudist's in the Garden ( Bible Based)- Adam and Eve


Lets jump to the heart of what happend in this event, Adam and Eve are the first humans on Earth. God knows what is around them he planted everything, such as the tree's and animals. A snake comes along and tells them to "eat of the tree of knowlege". Just minutes earlier God said " Don't eat off the tree of knowlege or you will die."


Now lets examine this if God wanted them to not eat of the tree of knowlege why create it? Why create the snake which is trying to fuck with them (personally the snake is a hero)


Anyway back to the point Eve (not knowing right from wrong, good from evil) eats from the tree and offers it to Adam. he eats and so on. So here is God's justice for us at this point. God sets them up to fail and then God comes out from behind the tree and says " Caught you." What he does is not curse Adam and Eve who disobeyed God but ALL of humanity supposebly Christians think all the way to us now.


So God's Justice don't just punish the ones who did it but punish everyone who had nothing to do with it and if you fail you will burn in hell for all eternity.


There is so much more to this topic but God uses such illogical punishments for illogical things on this thread feel free to post more veres and scenerios, feedback is always good.

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Great examples of God's screwed up justice. Example 2 is sort of like entrapment.


I even liken example 2 to a parent putting a box of sweets on a table and telling their small child to stay away from it. But the parent knows full well that the child absolutely loves sweets and there is no way the child would be able to resist sneaking into the box for a sweet. The parent also knows that this child is very stubborn and knows that on this particular ocassion, if he does steal a sweet, he will not apologise. The box is left sitting there for days and finally the child can stand it no longer, so gets into the box and steals a sweet. The parent discovers one of the sweets is missing and is furious at the child for disobeying him (even though the parent knew it was going to happen). The parent demands an apology and even threatens to kill the child if the child refuses to apologise. But just as the parent predicted, the child remains stubborn and refuses to apologise, so the parent sets fire to the kid because of it's lack of repentence.


That's the way God works in this world. He sets traps for millions, knowing they won't repent and will burn in hell.

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