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Proof that god is nonexistant: a short version


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By Bob A


While it isn't logically possible to prove the nonexistence of anything, it is possible to show how unlikely it might be. The title of this, while illogical and inaccurate, is based on getting your attention by using an old religious concept called misrepresentation (lying). Lying is unethical, but if it works for them (religionists), it should work here. I apologize for lying, which is something religion refuses to do.


I doubt I'll be able to show anything the great philosophers and thinkers haven't already shown, but perhaps the brevity of this will make it more readily palatable in a very busy age of too many unwanted emails.


I'll rely heavily on Occam's Razor rather than lengthy prose. What is Occam's Razor? CLICK HERE.


1: There is no god:


There never has been. I have never seen, heard or felt one (or many). That alone should be sufficient evidence for a reasonable conclusion. If anything exists, there is evidence to support it, period!


2: If there were a god, why are there so many different religions?


Wouldn't a real god unify the world into the common knowledge of who the big guy really is?


3: Would a real god expect his followers to rely on such a weak basis for belief as FAITH?


Faith and wishful thinking are inseparable in a religious context.


4: The god of the Bible spoke to Adam, Noah and Moses, but what about the rest of us? Are we just chopped liver?


Can there be any better evidence for the non existence of a god than silence?


5: The known universe is now believed to be 14 billion years old and millions of light years in size. The earth, compared to the universe, relatively, isn't the size of a virus.


Isn't that a big waste of space?


6: The only source of information for any of the world's religions is from vague and unknown authors without any substantial historical verification.


The writings of Homer and Dr, Seuss have more credibility.


7: Nothing fails like prayer (Thanks, FFRF).


Praying alone should be sufficient evidence that no one is listening. Praying is intended to humble, humiliate and self flagellate oneself into a state of dependence to the extent of loosening purse strings and being manipulated. Self bondage is demeaning and loathsome.


8: Religious wars:


If god can' stop wars, what can he do? The 'good book' shows that god supports and encourages war. A god of love? ... Rubbish! Is there any difference between a god that could, but won't, and a god who won't, but could?


9: Disease and suffering, especially among children:


This is too obvious to make even one comment.


10: The reason for religion?


For the answer to this, I'll rely on a quote from that great statesman and philosopher, Jesse Ventura. As Jesse so eloquently stated: "Religion is a crutch for those too lazy to think for themselves." How could I add to that?


Conclusion: Man has a very imaginative and fertile mind. Man's gods have man's emotions. If frogs had a god, he'd be green...


"Religion is to the politician useful, to the preacher profitable and to the believer, comfortable." -- (Author unknown at this time.)


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Very good.


I liked the fact you used a quote from Jesse Ventura. ;)

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Not bad, I definitely don't agree with all of it, but not bad. Number one puts it clear enough, Christians will ask me why I don't believe and I don't need a long reply the answer is simple, it's because there is no reason to. The rest is just details.

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I like your "proof" but to most of your reasons the christians would answer "free will". Don't forget, you're "preaching to the choir" with your proof. Why not post this on a christian site?

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I have a couple:


-If God wants us all to believe in him, then why did he give us free will, giving us the choice not to believe?

-If we're so important to God, then why is Earth a tiny speck in the solar system?

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I'll rely heavily on Occam's Razor rather than lengthy prose. What is Occam's Razor?


I have to admit I more than mildly amused in using the philosphical and theological reasoning and princples of William of Ockham to aruge the opposite of what he developed it for in debating the existance of God ;)

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