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The World’s Stupidest Fatwas

Yaoi Huntress Earth

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And yet conversions to Islam continue to happen. Why?! What is the appeal of this religion? To me, the idea that God could lay down such restrictive laws about what you may wear, who you may speak to, whom you must kill (why did God create people just so that others could kill them?), how you must wash, what you may eat and when you may pray - I'm sorry, it's just all so ridiculous to me. Religions with that many petty laws concerning this and that don't make sense to me.


A person has the right to worship as they wish, so long as they do so peacefully; but I also have the right to consider Islam easily the worst religion to ever come across the globe. Given a choice I'd much rather live in a fundamentalist Christian country than a fundamentalist Muslim one. Because for all its faults, Christianity does at least stress forgiveness; even during the witch trials, if you admitted guilt and indicated before God you were never going to sin in such a way again, you were considered cleared of your crime. Whereas Islam wants you dead even if you don't get a trial.


Muhammad was easily one of the most bloodthirsty and violent, ego-maniacal people to have ever lived. How so many people venerate him as a messenger of God is beyond me, except of course for the fact that it promises such extreme pain and damnation on the part of anybody who steps out of the Prophet's line that the fear controls people even that well. Disgusting.


Again, people have a right to believe as they please. But I also think we shouldn't be kissing Muslim ass because we keep getting our asses bit as a thank-you from them. As soon as we indicate that we're soft-hearted enough to accept them into our society, even make efforts to include them, their response is to re-shape our world to suit their own tastes - and bomb a few of us in the process. Always put themselves and their religion first, other people might as well not exist. Why do you think Muslim relief efforts only target Muslims? Even Christian charities manage to help people of other faiths sometimes, Muslims only help themselves and take advantage of those kind enough to not make such distinctions. The sooner this religion dies out, the better.

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