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Pastor To The Presidents


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I don't know about you but it pisses me off every time I see Billy graham at the white house.


Every time I hear that phrase "Pastor to the presidents" it sickens me to know that the presidents have sold out to political correctness to extent that they will parade a TV preacher out in front of the cameras at the white house for a photo chute.


Not one of these presidents seems to be aware of the fact that Billy has been talking about Christianity for sixty years or so and never really said anything useful.


His organization has sucked millions of dollars out of little old ladies by promising something that they cant deliver, really no different from Benny Hinn, only more sophisticated.


Now I don't blame Billy Graham for trying to make a living, and he is just repeating what his father probably told him, but you would think it would have dawned on him, that once you've said "God said it," and its in the bible, a million times or so that he would understand circular reasoning, and that talking about shit that you cant prove is really just noise.

Dan, Agnostic

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Just think if Mitt Romney wins the Presidency, would Billy still be welcomed?


I really do not want Mitt, but I would love to see what would have to the christian right during his administrations reign!

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Mitt was a fine as governor of one of the most liberal states in America. His religion was never an issue. Of Republicans, he will be better. But he's no Libertarian.


I hate that the Presidents kiss religions ass. We could use a leader who is so unreligious, but America is the home of the unthinking religious.

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