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Faith Vs. Proof


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I was thinking to myself today, which I seem to do all the time that you can talk about this subject forever and we all probably will.

I think I've come up with something that you can say to a Believer that might shut them up, well sort of.


It's almost like a court trial.. On side 1 you have the believers. Each of the believers of whatever religion they are a part of believes that the Book of their faith is true and it's the word of God. And of course God exists and he will at least judge us and according to many punish us.


On side 2 you have your non believers who feel either God exists but plays no role in our lives or God doesn''t exist and this life is the only life we'll have.


Now me being on side 2, have decided that the only question that needs to be answered by sided 1 is : Prove to me or what proof can you show me that you know God exists and your holy book was written by God and not man?


The burder of proof is this case is solely on the Believers side.

Obviously an immediate answer is that they just believe it to be true. For this has been to told them by others throughout time who believe it to be true.

They usually start quoting scripture which means absolutely nothing to me and proves nothing

They act and talk as if they were there when these books were being written


But this answer doesn't work and doesn't count.


Beyond that, they can't give you any proof.

We as non believers don't have to proof that God and those books are not true or real.


I had a great discussion at my dinner table 2 weeks ago with my best friends girlfriend. She says she know the Catholic Church is messed up and has done a lot of bad throughout time. But she defends them saying they do a lot of good.

When asked if she can prove any of it is true, she said she can't.. That she just has faith...That's all...How do million of people go around having faith in something that never once has proved anything to be true.

Try it sometimes..See what responses you get.



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