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Should Christians Comply With Gun Confiscation?


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Should Christians comply with gun confiscation?

The Price of Liberty

by Doug Newman


“Romans 13 is the favorite Scripture of control freaks everywhere. Millions of American Christians are so totally dumbed down that they actually believe Romans 13 tells us to submit unconditionally to earthly authorities at all times. (Indeed, the Department of Homeland Security is forming ‘clergy response teams’ of pathetic pulpit pansies whose job it is to lie shamelessly and tell people just this. There is little difference between these eunuchs and the German pastors who kissed up to Hitler in the 1930s.) It depends on who your government is. In America, the ’supreme law of the land’ is the Constitution. When soulless government flunkies come to take away the citizens’ guns, it is they who are in rebellion, not the citizens who so courageously resist.” (09/03/07)



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Of course they shouldn't- NO ONE SHOULD.

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