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Pagan Jewelry At Work...

Guest Ephesos

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Guest Ephesos

I recall an event that happend a couple years ago... when I still had a job (well, not my fault I lost it, the firm's bankrupt by now...).


One day the boss summoned me and wanted me to no longer wear this piece. Actually, I was wearing a rather massive Triskelion symbol on a quite heavy chain, both of them sterling silver.


"Well, it looks... disturbing."

"To whom?"


"Actually, it's a sign of my faith, so I have to decline. You know, Bianca wears a cross all the time as well..."

"Yeaht, but that's a cross..."

"So? Just another religion, you know?"

"Yeah, but she's a woman..."

"So? Sorry that I am male this time, but I couldn't care less."

"...but her's is less prominent!" (Note: It was. A small and rather simple cross, gold, and it even looked quite pretty)

"True. But I have this one..."

"Then get another one. One that is not visible from miles away..."

"Sure, if you give me the money..."


...and as a matter of fact, he DID!.

Actually, I found that quite funny back then... it got me a nice new piece of jewelry for free... I did not care about the size. Just about the symbol... but I find it surprising to what lengths people go...

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Not exactly, but I have a large sterling silver cross embossed with the image of the tree of life and a stag. I bought it as a Catholic because it was supposed to represent St. Patrick. Later I saw a t-shirt with an almost identical image so I took a closer look. The image on the t-shirt was supposed to represent the Celtic Horned God, Cernunous.


So after I deconverted I was able to keep the beautiful cross and continue wearing it, but with a new meaning. No one has ever complained, it's a lovely piece and I usually get lots of compliments.

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When I lived in New Jersey, I would wear a Mjolnir amulet to work. Sometimes I'd get compliments about it, or questions, but no one ever gave me any trouble over it. Then again, the eastern US is rather liberal about such things.


Now I live in Wisconsin, but still have yet to catch any heat over any Pagan items I or my wife wear. I suppose we're just too far north of the Babble Belt for that ;)

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While my situation never happened like that, I did threaten a law suit against a former employer of mine for telling me I have to tuck my pentagram and rune sword under my shirt, when there were three people who wore a cross in the open without discrimination.

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