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Did Babelfish Make Space Travel Possible?


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Now that we know that people are unlikely to build a tower that threatens to get too close to heaven, necessitating the creation of different languages so that the construction workers can't understand each other, how do the Xtians explain the story of the Tower Of Babel? Why thwart the progress of a doomed project? Or was heaven closer to the surface of the Earth in those days, thanks to K. Hovind's famous "vapour layer" that existed back in the day?


What's the NEW reason for the fact we no longer all speak the same language any more?

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Yeah, WTF?


Also, reading this post triggered another array of ponderings about the "Tower".


Why is "da big man" not so concerned with our trips to the outer space, the moon, space stations and such. From most vantage points, these are "closer" to "heaven" (I.E. potential for truth, reality, knowledge and wisdom) the a tower built with brick and slime for mortar.


Anybody have any KB's to spare/share about this?



Kirk out

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