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Christianity Messed Up My Life


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Hi, first post for me.


Just want to say a few things since I unfortunately live in the bible belt, and sadly there are hardly any other non-christians that I get to talk or hang out with. Everyone drives around here with their stupid fish and Jesus emblems on their cars.


So here we go. My entire family is composed of Christians, and AFAIK I am the only non-believing person. I've had various Christian dispositions driven into my head for the longest time, and just a couple years ago I opened my eyes and began to see the world as it really (apparently) is.


I had always believed there was something "magical" about life -- especially human life -- but when I started studying psychology and the brain, my perspective changed. After studying human behavior I realized that man is essentially a machine -- and there is no "ghost" (i.e. spirit or soul) driving his behavior. None. I realize now that believing in spirits is simply outdated and unrealistic.


I've become very convinced that religion HINDERS mankind rather than helping him. A main goal of Christianity is to satisfy man, but being satisfied stupifies man. It slows progress since people are so focused on their god and not on other goals. Sure, Christians often do things in order to "glorify god," but this can only go so far. Having had this (christian) mindset while growing up, I did not have a reason to try hard in school. I saw no reason to study hard as no one was there to show me why things taught in school were so important. Now I wish I had done better because my GPA sucks and I am limited and cannot do some of the things I'd like to be doing.


And growing up, I was encouraged to stay away from the non-christian kids and non-christian girls. So I never had much of a social life, and I never really had many girlfriends. Without a solid social life, my childhood was basically taken from me. Goddamn it!!! My life could have been and could be better if I had not had this ring of influence always around me I will not be teaching my kids christian crap; I will let them choose for themselves. If they wish to be christians, so be it; if they wish to be atheists, great. I won't ever force beliefs on them, but I will try to teach them useful things. I want them to have good, healthy lives. If they want to have sex, then hell, have sex -- but I'd readily encourage them to do this responsibly and to use protection.


Really, I think that a lot of christians and religious people are pansies. They act too nice, and they are against aggressiveness. It annoys me to no end when someone in the parking lot stops and waits for 20 seconds for me to cross the stinking street just to be nice, when they should be going rather than holding up traffic and thinking that I'm too stupid to navigate myself around obstacles. I believe aggressiveness and competition is a driving factor in many facets of life: relationships (i.e. who gets the girl), reaching goals, business world, survival... Though of course I think overaggression can be negative.


Anyway, there's a little of where I am right now. Everyone may not agree with me, and I may have pissed some people off (and they can suck it), but I definitely do not claim these things to be 100% -- they are just my opinion.


Maybe I'll meet some people here and make some friends :)

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Let me add that I don't think it takes Jesus to be virtuous. People *can* and often *do* respect each other -- no supernatural influence involved. I've become convinced that if people realize that their actions do have an affect on others and their environments they can and generally will act more sensibly.


One other thing I'd like to rant about it that after considering the concept of causation, I now see no place where god fits in. If one thing cauases another thing to happen, and that initial thing itself was caused by something else, and so on to infinity, where does god (or the devil) fit in? I so often hear things like, "God made this happen," or "The Devil is trying to deceive you!" This just is totally nonsensical unrealistic to me.



Any comments on anything, anyone?

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