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Did Adam And Eve Really Exist?

Brother Jeff

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Did Adam and Eve really exist? Um...obviously not, but check out these 10 Reasons why they allegedly are The Real Deal.


From http://everystudent.com/forum/adam.html?gc...CFSgZagodvm65fA:


Q: "What proof is there for the story of Adam and Eve as the first human beings on earth?


our A: Thank you for your question. It's a good one that requires good answers. There is good evidence to believe the story of Adam and Eve--that they were historical and, therefore, the first persons on the earth.

The Life of Adam and Eve


First, Genesis 1-2 presents them as actual persons and even narrates the important events in their lives. Second, they gave birth to literal children who did the same (Genesis 4-5). Third, the phrase "this is the account of" that Moses used to record later history in Genesis (e.g., Gen. 6:9; 10:1; 11:10, 27; 25:12, 19) appears in the creation account (2:4) and of Adam, Eve, and their descendants.


Fourth, later Old Testament chronologies place Adam at the beginning of the list (Gen. 5:1; 1 Chron. 1:1). Fifth, the New Testament places Adam at the beginning of Jesus' literal ancestors (Luke 2:38). Sixth, Jesus referred to the life of Adam and Eve as the first literal "male and female," making their physical union the basis of marriage (Matt. 19:4).

The Story of Adam and Eve


Seventh, the book of Romans declares that literal death came into the world by a literal "one man" - Adam (Rom. 5:12). Eighth, the comparison of Adam (the "first Adam") with Christ (the "last Adam") in 1 Corinthians 15:45 manifests that Adam was understood as a literal, historical person.


Ninth, Paul's declaration that "it was Adam who was first created, and then Eve" (1 Tim. 2:13-14) reveals that he speaks of real persons. Tenth, logically there had to be a first real set of human beings, male and female, or else the race would have had no way to get going. The Bible calls this literal couple "Adam and Eve," and there is no reason to doubt their real existence.


The Genesis account contradicts macroevolution. Genesis speaks of the creation of Adam from the dust of the ground, not his evolution from other animals (Gen. 2:7). It speaks of direct immediate creation at God's command, not long natural processes (cf. Gen. 1:1, 3, 6, 9, 21, 27). God created Eve from Adam; she did not evolve separately. Adam was an intelligent being who could speak a language, study and name animals, and engage in life-sustaining activity. He was not an ignorant half-ape.





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That something was written on parchment makes it true, so every character in every book ever written – Frankenstein, Winnie the Pooh, Huckleberry Fin, Tiny Tim, all of them – were historical figures. Except that stuff that Darwin wrote; not enough evidence there.


Mucking forons, indeed!

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LOL if the adam and eve story were true, as well as the noah's ark story were true, then we ARE ALL irreversibly INBRED...


Inbreeding is pretty much proven to be devasting to mammals...


So, well, this may explain why stupid is so common...



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It is indeed hard to believe that anyone would be satisfied with this "evidence." :lmao:

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:HappyCry: Indeed the story of Adam & Eve ais true because it was written in a book as as everyone knows all books are true.


And here is proof that there is a country called Boodocky and Nibs the Cat is its king and it is somewhere in the South Pacific:


Nibs and his staff are at sea once again headed back toward America. It is three days

after going to the village of Hoogah by ship where Mr. Cuttleworth contacted the owners

of the island and were able to buy the island for a hundred million dollars.

Then Nibs and his staff were flown over the island by the former owners to see what they

had bought before returning to their ship and sailing back to the cove and from there

hiking to the cannibal village to bring them the good news where everyone celebrated

aboard the Catfish in the grand ballroom. Then fair wells were given all around after Nibs

officially renamed the island Boodocky and the village Wumpypoo, Boodocky’s national

capital and left Clarence Brown as it’s acting governor.


“And now Master Nibs is a real king with his own kingdom.†Bentley states

“And it sure was awfully good of Captain Gooding performing that public ceremony in

the renamed village of Wumpypoo’s town square to crown him King Nibs the First in

front of over two thousand persons.


“Your right I’ll not try anymore and Nibs said for now on you’ve all to address me as His Royal Highness the Grand Duke of Boodocky as Nibs has appointed me as his second in command of all of Boodocky.†states Mr. Cuttleworth.


“And Nibs said he will have towns built all over the island named after his staff and even have a college in Wumpypoo where you can get free education and highways connecting the towns and driver’s license will be free as well as the license plates as Boodocky will be a paradise on earth where all of the underclass will be treated like the upper class.â€

“Long live King Nibs! Long live His Majesty King Nibs! King of Boodocky!†exclaims his entire staff.


As you can see this is proof because I copied it from the book "His Majesty King Nibs" therefore it has to be true.

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Boy - you gotta feel sorry for anyone who is so mind-banged that they cling to the idea that Adam and Eve are literally true. Especially since the bible goes through the geneologies and we end up around 4,000 B.C.E. or so.


So, from the time of Adam and Eve until now is, what - 6,000 years?


A little blip on the timeline of human history.

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It was an excellent question....and a piss poor response.


I like the stories about Adam and Eve that never made the Biblical cut, the ones where God had to teach them how to build fires and had to keep resurrecting them because they kept killing themselves.


But those stories never made the canon, just like all the stories of a certain young savior being a bratty kid.

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If it is true because it is stated there, then must not be true either what is written in the Apokryphs? Wasn't there something of a Lilith? And two Woman Adam rejected bevor Eves creation? Wasn't ther something like that?


And naturaly is everything ever written true! Just read Michael Endes "Unendliche Geschichte" (Might be "Neverending Story" but never saw the actual booktitle...) and you will know!


Omg! :twitch::lmao:

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So, from the time of Adam and Eve until now is, what - 6,000 years?


That's what the creationists believe... :Hmm:

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By the way, gang... don't forget that since Eve was the one who sinned, the Catholic church told its priesties to be celibate, because giving yourself to a sinful, dirty descendent of Eve would be detrimental to your growth as a priest. Yeah... detrimental to the growth that you shove into little boys in the back room!


I wish these people could watch a comprehensive film showing all the things that have gotten really fucked up because of literalist xtian obedience to these ancient bronze-age fairytales.

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