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Patience And Pie

Guest Davis_jacob

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Guest Davis_jacob

Two little rascals feeling cheeky before church,

got their clocks cleaned near the evil preacher's pulpit perch.

The pastor heard the kids whispering just then,

over on the balcony before church would begin.

Consequently, the message sought both of them.

He told how important it was to keep on time,

so that they won't be eaten by the congregation at lunchtime.

If served too soon or cooked a little too long,

they might come out terribly, terribly wrong,

because kids not cooked just right taste way too strong.

Everyone would notice if the kids weren't great,

so he made sure they wouldn't be early or late.

When it came time at the end for the alter call,

both boys got clocked and carried off to fellowship hall.

Then after church, amazed with good pleasure,

the boys were enjoyed by all in fullest measure.

Did you like that poem? If so, try reading more of this author's works. He co-authored the book "College By Twelve" and there you can read how he and his wife raised their first four children to start college by the age of 12. Just go to *********** AWWWW!! My SPAM LINK was deleted by a mod. Sucks to be me!

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I might like it if I were 6.


Or if it were written by a 6 year old.




Maybe. :Hmm:


So, which "1 god" do you fantasize about worship?

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