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The Reason Driven Podcast

Guest Toby Beau

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Guest Toby Beau

Hey everyone.

I'd like to announce a new freethought podcast called "The Reason Driven Podcast" http://reasondriven.blogspot.com


It's based on the amazing book, "The Reason Driven Life" by Robert Price. You'll hear a full interview with Bob Price on episode 1, and every episode will feature a 5-10 minute monologue by Bob explaining the topic of each chapter.


Week by week, we'll feature the two co-hosts (me and my buddy Mikyle) along with a guest to discuss the topic of a chapter of "Reason Driven Life".


Check out this guest line up:


Ep 1: Robert Price

Ep 2: Zach Moore (evolution 101, apologia)

Ep 3: Brian Dunning (Skeptoid podcast)

Ep 4: George Hrab (Geologic Podcast)

Ep 5: Emery (A Christian and an Atheist Pocast)

Ep 6: Dave Burdick (Comedian)

Ep 7: (posdibly Phil Plait)

Ep 8: Dan Sawyer (Author, also featured on Apologia)

Ep 9: Carter Pann (Composer)




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