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Got An E-mail From A Rarity...

Jessica Sideways

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This morning I checked my e-mail and there was this e-mail from a Christian in one of the discussion groups that I speak about. An online transsexual discussion group. And this is probably because I was one of the few people stupid enough to engage this retard into a debate. When she gets backed into a corner, she lashes out against everyone else in the group. Out of respect for her privacy, I am not going to post her name on this board. However, given that the content of the e-mail was just two links - I just had to hit the reply button and copy in a form letter I had my attorney write for me.


Now, the odd thing is that transsexuals are the ultimate proof that GOD DOESN'T EXIST. Why would he create a being that would suffer so much from being born the wrong sex? Why would he cause so much suffering and pain in the life of another person?


Subject: Please take the time to read this.. both links..in their entirety.. then form your opinion.

Date: October 31, 2007 11:29:05 PM CDT










So, what am I going to do after reading this shocking Christian truth? What am I going to do with this information that could save me from the fires of eternal damnation? Absolutely nothing. Now, I have got to admit, that it did get me worked up a little bit. But what I had to keep in mind is that the people who wrote this page believe in a faery tale about their god. And the main text they believe in is quite hypocritical, regardless of transition. I was like them at a point - believing a book that is it's own worst enemy. But now, I am able to see Jeebus for who he truly is - a fraud and a fictional character. One of the most successful hoaxes in the history of mankind.


EDIT: I got a reply from her:


Oh gawwwwwwd. You're an attorney.. with that lingo and

mindset? Ha! So, it's ok for "Jessica Sideways" aka

Kyle.. to bad mouth my 'religion?' Ok Jethro..



And it's Madame, stupid. Check the name, profile.



I was only trying to deal with "her" in a mature way..

and obviously "she" is unable to do so. No ego here..

just genuinely trying to help. I have done my part..

now "she" is on "her" own.


"You can lead a horse to water.. but, you cannot make

them drink".. (and that goes for donkeys, also..



Have a nice day, SIR :-)


Edited out for her privacy~ xox


PS- the first link was written by a person who was

PAGAN for many years.... before finally discovering

TRUTH. I hope and pray that your "client" (you) do the



Edited out for her privacy~

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