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The Canadian God Is A Divided God

R. S. Martin

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It's copyright protected material and I had to copy this bit by hand. The article can be read at http://www.michaeladams.ca./articles/pdf/religiosity.pdf in pdf format. The title of the article is "My Canada Does Not Include Religiosity," and it appeared in the Globe and Mail on Monday, January 10, 2005.


Even setting aside for a moment the secularity of Canadian society, what about diversity among the religious? The God of the United Church does not seem very bothered by the prospect of same-sex marriage. The God of Presbyterians and Anglicans is divided, and even the God of many Catholics is ambivalent (though the God of the Pope knows where He stands). The God of some Reform and Reconstructionist Jewish congregations favours same-sex unions, while Conservative and Orthodox congregations see no room for debate.




It is clear what Canadians think on this issue. And no one has yet devised a way to reliably poll God.

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