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Count Me In!


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One thing that is apparent from this forum. We are not alone.

Now my story...

My family from way back has been Christian with grandparents that were very fundamental Christians, I lived with them for a year and subsequently became a youth pastor and asst pastor for the Assemblies Of God organisation.

My oldest son went to a christian college, so Christianity was all I thought about.

There were times I would see months to where I went to church everyday of the month.

I read all the apologetic, last days christian books I could get a hold of before I was even a teenager.

Then a few years back I couldn't get the idea of good people going to hell....

I knew awesome people that treated me better than most Christians did, but according to christian belief they we sure to be in hell if they did not believe as the christians did..

Then I started to remember back with I was a kid and things that went on in church, that didn't add up.

So anyway,,,I started to do some research and saw God as egotistical, a tyrant and not so omni anything, so I found out that the Bible was really a human book after all..

So anyway,,,,Here I find myself agnostic, I really didn't know I was until a few days ago...

My son still speaks to me but keeps his distance because he doesn't want me to influence his daughter, my grand-baby..

Though my son is always trying to show that the Christian way of life is the most logical :eek:

My family thinks I am lost and in sad shape, but feel I will come back to my senses in time

So I am alone in my battle and thinking, but I just can't go back to the old way of thinking.

Even though it is kinda different and lonely as I really don't have any idea about god anymore, as before I just knew who God was and what I thought he was all about..

But it is nice to be taking these steps of adventure and seeing what's out there ...


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You're counted in! Welcome!


Tough spot you're in. I don't envy you. If you can convince your family to love you for YOU and not for what you believe then that's a big thing. Unfortunately, Xians aren't actually big on true, unconditional love like that. I hope things go better for you though.

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I think you're strong!


I'm sorry your family keeps its distance, I feel for you,

but you are not in sad shape, it's just difficult when you're the only

one with a different opinion.


Thank you for your story!

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Welcome Paladin


As Emme said, you ARE strong, because you've taken that first, and the hardest step. You've questioned, and found the rote answers lacking.


If you're strong enough to face that, then you're strong enough to deal with your family. I'm afraid i don't have a lot of advice in that, because i'm still doing that myself. But i know you will manage, just as I will.


As you said, you're not alone either. We are here, and you said that you have non-xian friends, those awesome people you know of, that treated you so well. Well, they're not going to treat you any worse, now that you've recanted. If you need a shoulder to lean on instead of just a keyboard *grin* then strengthen your relationships with them. It feels good to be with people that don't criticize.


Be glad though, that you did have non-xian friends, I grew up in the bible belt of Ontario, until the last few years, there was an unspoken law... non-christians weren't allowed here. At least if they existed, they didn't let on.... for fear.

And, better yet, you now have a lot of new non-xian friends too, all of us here are with you through this.


Again... Welcome aboard Paladin

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