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The Culture War, In 289 Syllables


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The revivalist

wins souls wonderfully for

The Lord, The Most High.


The atheist wins

bodies wonderfully for

humankind's own sake.


This bloodless war of

words, found mostly in printed

pages, is the essence


Of how illusion

can afflict the psychic self

more than physical


Ailments can afflict

body parts. Moving pieces can

still retain semblance


Of true functioning.

God or no God, First cause or

Infinite cycle


Of known or unknown

fore-cause and unknowable

aftereffects, We,


The kind bipedal,

are suffering with psychic

poisoning, a deep


Toxicity that

may never, ever be purged

like asbestos lung.


Those with the power

have cued us to be beings

that are subversive,


Prone to violence,

prone to notions that corrupt

us up utterly.


Pre-programmed to be

social, prone to communal

attitudes and mores,


Being sociable

is the foundation for our



Madness. Without it,

we become beasts blithering

about like weeds.


Antidotes prescribed

have come and gone. Too much

becomes new poison.


This war between the

extremes is only a cue

to commit more sin.


Culture divides us,

but the bodies unite us.

The real starting point!

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This war between the

extremes is only a cue

to commit more sin.




You sure write some deep poetry Mathgeek, from the couple I've read here.



This poem brought to mind one of the books I am currently reading, True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements, by Eric Hoffer.


Thought provoking stuff....

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