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My Introduction


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Where do I begin? I'm sure some have seen my comments in the blogs, but that's not an intro.


I'm a non-theist and a Humanist. It's a long story, but it wasn't until after I left home that I was able to explore my questions concerning religion. Since I am a writer, maybe the easiest way to tell my story is via an essay I wrote for a creative non-fiction class. It says a lot about me: http://mrianasoriginalfiction.houseofbetaz...xperiences.html


What is not stated in the essay is that I do not attend any church now (at least for 3 or 4 years now), but I keep in contact with the progressives in the Episcopal Church. Thing is, due to my studies in religion and mythology, I cannot believe in a historical Jesus and I have never believed in a metaphysical/anthropomorphic deity. Thing is, Don Cupitt's idea of love being god is not god at all. My lifelong concept is yet another human concept and nothing more.


Maybe Bob Price, an a vowed atheist and Humanist can attend the Episcopal Church with no revulsion, but I just cannot deal with the paganistic ideology, cannibalistic theophagy, and the barbaric crucifixion- not to mention all the other stuff. This is not new, but once I realized it is all human concepts and rewritten myth I could not stomach it even more. Spong feels badly that his influence has led me to where I am today, but that's OK. I asked for truth, actually demanded it and he, as well as others, gave me the honest truth about religion.


Thing is, while most of the time I am happy with what you all seem to call deconversion here or I think that's the description for the process I've spent years going through, I still have moments where I'm depressed, for want of another word, that what I thought was god was purely a numinous emotion and nothing more. All completely psychological. However, except with my Evangelical Fundie relatives who I seem to be in constant battle with lately over religion, I have not really gone through any anger per se concerning this "loss"- what I prefer to call internal realization. Bob calls it "an epiphany". Whatever it is, I'm wondering when the occassional sadness over this will disappear completely?


The other thing the essay doesn't mention is that I have two sons (16 and 18), but the other was unable to attend my grandmother's funeral. That's another story. However, my Buddhist son and I were a bit put off by the minister of our relative's church preached "The Path of Salvation" during my grandmother's funeral. This was something my mother and aunt requested. *rolling eyes* I am tolerant of liberal and progressive Christians, but I cannot stand dogma and alike, because what I have seen it is not only a source of misery, but it kills psychologially and/or physically. I have seen so many horrible things done by religious extremism that I find it appaulling.


Well, I guess that is about all for now. Not sure what else to say right now, but maybe being among fellow ex-Christians I can find more answers to my newer questions.

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Welcome Mriana,


I guess from your little sig-pix that you have snow and cold right now? Poor kitty.

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We have flurries, but no snow on the ground. It's still cold.


Thanks for the welcome. :)

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