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I hope ya'll don't mind me randomly posting some poetry....especially seeing as I'm new here. I don't have much to discuss in the other topic areas. I board surf, and probably won't post too much here as I am active on some other boards. I am enjoying the perusal of your site.



(PS: I cannot find an edit button after posting, does one exist? It's probably right in my face, I just don't see it.)






Authoritarianism can murder souls, kill dreams, destroy hope ......





Maybe my heart is polluted with mire

Maybe my hopes are false fantasies

Maybe my dreams are empty vapors


You smashed them, braying them with your heel

You taunted them, smearing them with labels

You mocked them, wagging them in my face


Displaying their idiocy before your eyes

Eyes that have beheld my naked soul


Another assault on my heart

Another assault regarding trust


Trust in my own heart

Ridiculed again

By the voice of authority


Perhaps it really doesn't matter anyway....


Children are dying every moment



october 6, 2007

judith piper

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