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Penn And Teller Take A Look At Intelligent Design


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I watched the video. Great stuff. Penn and Teller and others certainly show up the ID BS for how embarrassingly awful it is. Bottom line is that all creationists seem to be stoooopid. Poorly educated to say the least. Not knowing any science, this is their way of explaining things.

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You know, the more I hear the "Teach both and let the students make an informed decision" bullshit arguement, the more I want to let it happen.


Think about it: You could create a curriculum entirely around all the creationist claims, or at least pick the top 12 most widespread, and carefully explain exactly what they're saying and teach the students exactly what they mean, and then after each point you present, you could talk about the MOUNTAIN of evidence that contradicts them. After all that eveience is presented, you could then explain the ToE and explain how it accounts for every shred of said evidence. Repeat that for every point. Not only would that be a great way to teach evolution, but also it would be a great way do teach the scientific process, define what a theory is, and equip them with tools to identify other types of junk science they may encounter.


What do you think? I say let them teach ID in schools right along with the ToE!! After all, we all know that the best way to kill a belief is with a little knowledge.



p.s. just to avoid being flamed and acused of being some sort of nutcase, I don't actually support teaching ID in any context.

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Problem with that hamm, is in the delivery.


In the buybull belt, *IF* ID is allowed to be taught as a science, then which way will the *xtian* teachers put their emphasis?


Many people who *already* believe one thing, will gloss over and make light of what they *don't* believe, and put GREAT emphasis on what they *do* believe.


Typical class:

Xtian Teacher: Charles Darwin postulated the theory of evolution, yet he does not consider the complexity of the creatures in this world. However, ID shows us that things are far too complex to be here just by *chance*.

*Normal* Teacher: Charles Darwin postulated the theory of evolution, and combined with natural selection, we can see how complex creatures evolved from simple ones. ID stipulates that complex creatures *snapped* into existance in the span of 6 days. Now class, you decide.


Now, as you see, an unbiased teacher, xtian or not, will not teach false science. However, in counties where ID, as ludicrious as it is, is *voted* in to be taught, what type of *teacher* from the above example will be *allowed* to teach in this school? How long would the *normal* teacher last without being fired?


Sorry Hamm, I don't see this as a *good* thing no matter what spin is put on it...

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