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Ron Paul And The Neo Nazis

R. S. Martin

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I thought this group email from Acharya S may be of interest to American members of exC, so I'm posting it here:


Hi there -


While politics is not my usual purview, there are points where my field of specialization and politics do overlap, such as the United States Constitution, which I consider a "sacred document." In this regard, I have posted a blog regarding Presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul and his true purpose in life, as I understand it. This blog post was inspired by an exchange I had with David Bergland. Following is a short blurb from the blog post, followed by the link to the rest.


Please feel free to pass this message around far and wide, as I believe Dr. Paul is worthy of being defended against vicious rumors.




I recently received the following message from my friend David Bergland, the 1984 Libertarian Presidential Candidate who has known Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul for many years. I asked him to clarify the rumors regarding Ron Paul's connection to "Neo Nazis" and "white supremacists," gossip that turns out to be a petty load of nonsense, as I expected.


While I do not agree with Ron Paul on certain issues, the fact will remain that on the most important aspect of his life's work--upholding the United States Constitution--I concur with him completely. You see, in preserving the Constitution, Dr. Paul and I *can* disagree on other subjects, freely and with respectful debate. Without the Constitution, one or the other perspective may become the dominant one, with the result of vicious fascism we have seen abundantly worldwide for millennia. Moreover, I entirely understand Paul's viewpoint that these issues upon which he and I do not agree...are not truly Constitutional or federal matters, but should be left up to the individual states....


For the rest, please see:






Acharya S



P.S. Please feel free to post comments on my blog - which you can do anonymously - by clicking on the link where it says "X Comments."

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Honesty may be the best policy, but honesty is always the enemy of popularity.

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