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William Dembski And His Sycophantic Friends


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William Dembski, chickenshit promoter of ID "theory", has a little weblog called "Uncommon Descent". You should go there sometime. They rail against "evil-lutionists" and pat each other on the back for saying stupid things. Today, they are laughing at the Darwinists again. Only they aren't: they are laughing at a satirical piece written by one of their own. They are too stupid to recognize satire. Check it out; it's embarrassing.




Yep. They build a strawman, then they point and remark how stupid it is. I bet this thread either (a) gets swept under the rug or (B) they go on blissfully blocking dissenting comments until the thread is buried. I registered there to point out their error. My comment was respectful and brief. I said, "It is satire. Look at who is advertising there." They blocked it. Bastards!

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