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A Poem About Church


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I wrote this back in 2004. I went through a deep depression the year after getting 'saved' (1994). I think it stemmed from realizing that all my faults and woes were NOT magically fixed by God. DH who is still xian did not appreciate this when I showed it to him but it described my early church experiences well...




Hugs and handshakes,

smiles and greetings.

Things seem so great at these

“Happy Club†meetings

How can we all be “fine“?


They say take a seat,

it’s time to sing songs

of power and glory,

confessing our wrongs.

Let’s all act like everything’s “fine“.


It’s time for a break -

she hates that she’s shy.

No one to talk with,

she just wants to die.

So hard to pretend she is “fine“.


Now time for the message,

and just a small dose

of fire and brimstone -

is she really that close?

When she dies, maybe it won’t be “fine“?


“Hey, wasn’t that great?

Let’s all stand and clap!â€

She feels worse than ever,

hands stay in her lap.

What’s wrong with her? They all seem “fineâ€.


So glad that it’s over,

she heads for the door.

Tears on the brink,

eyes cast to the floor.

She wishes for once she’d feel “fineâ€.


She tries to slip past him -

avoid being seen.

He says “Nice to see you!

How have you been?â€

She looks up and says “Oh…fine.â€

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I'm no poet either, but I think it was great. I can relate to your poem... I was that girl in high school.

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Cool verse. My biggest problem with how people read poetry is that poetry really has no definition to it, and when someone tells you it violates some so-called "structure", they are bullshitting with you even though the intention has a rejective trajectory to it. You wrote it (DIY) and you did it your way (DYOT). Brava!

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That was GREAT!!!


Dang, you caught the essence of churchianity....I despise that stuff.


Thanks for sharing ExConfusedChristian...


'Happy Club".... *chuckle*

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Right On poem! Great job



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Thanks everybody! Love your avatar, Pandora :)

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Wow. That's what I would have said if I had been able to stand back enough to see it all like you did. But you put it so eloquently. That is poetry. Short, to the point, leaving a tang in the reader's brain. Please post more!

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