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Perusing around on this thread http://www.ex-christian.net/index.php?show...21432&st=60, brought to mind a couple poems regarding communication and endeavoring to see what lies beneath/beyond symbols, words, reasons, intent. The poems are from different subject angles (for lack of better term), and therefore evoke different emotion: one - a longing for harmony; the other - an often result from the 'no-speak rule', the hush of hypocrisy.








Why are you hiding friend?

Why do you not respond?

Why do we humans hide?


Why not open ourselves

while we draw breath

to listen beyond and beneath words

to hear our hearts beat

to share the rhythm of our souls?


I yearn for a day

when we love one another

in spite of disagreements

in spite of misconceptions.


When with open face and open hearts

we can stand in one another's presence

unguarded, naked

without reservation.


When we see with enlightened hearts

what it is that lies deep within

compelling each of us to act as we do.


....Yes, I am a dreamer....


Hopefully the dreams have substance

and one day perhaps

we will be connected with a resonance

that extends beyond words

a magic that too often exists

only in our dreams.


....I pray I never lose that dream....


january, 2007










of nonexistence



I despise it with a passion



of hypocrisy



I pray I never bow again


If left unchecked they breed a rage


to the blind audience



unchecked leads to



And the dazed, nescient crowd wonders





there's more than meets

the ear


july 3, 2007

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