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Hey all.


I just wonder. WHY do so many people look "UP" and out, rather than within.


Is it a lack of self confidence which leads people to search for "god'? Is it the wanting to negate responsibility if things stuff up, then blaming the influence of "satan"? The external is always so much easier to blame, right? Sure you have to pass on the credit too if things are going right, but that too is dictated by the lack of self-confidence.. not thinking you are even good enough to OWN the good stuff!


These things, I have always wondered and came to a conclusion, but last night, while watching a movie, it all gelled for me.


A line in a movie: "'the miracle is a single mother of 3kids, working two jobs, but still finding time to take the kids to soccer practice. As these times, they don't look up, but within!"


Just stuff parents do, without praying for it. THIS type of strength and energy, comes from within, and has nothing at all to do with any external entity, or do people whom have "god" belief, just assume those, who have NEVER heard OF god, don't just "do" this stuff for their kids?


Since leaving the "looking up" set, I have actually had a lot more time for my own children and not only that, have been working on (still in prospectus stage} opening a "down-and-outers" Cafe. A place where people can get a meal-)NOT soup kitchen-esque), with a resume service, interview placement, as well as "'til you get on your feet" temp housing- or sources to other housing if they wish), where I know that I am doing the groundwork, not relying on any "miracle", unless I MAKE it happen myself!


I don't have to pray to anything, blame or praise anything/one else to my success or failure.


I stand on my own two feet, and wil accept success WHEN it comes, or defeat IF it does as well.

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