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Gone With The Wind


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Check out the full story of god's love towards tornado victims: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/23040396


‘Nobody understands God's will’

Standing Wednesday amid the debris field of twisted metal and pink insulation, Carmon Lagunes struggled to grasp why God would take her sister.


"That's his wrath," she said, looking toward the wreckage. "For some reason, he's not happy right now and this is. ... Nobody understands God's will. I sure as hell don't understand it.


Said Anita Goodnight, the sisters' aunt: "God didn't do it. Satan did."




The mind ceases to function when confronted with unacceptance and grief. Religion will make you believe you are responsible for your own tradjedy or else god would not have allowed you to be hurt or killed. It is the Job Complex--(from the Book of Job in the OT) persecution is the result of God allowing Satan to persecute you to test your faith in God. God kills christians to test their faith in him. If a christian is killed in a natural event such as a tornado, then god may have taken offense to something that person did, a sin unrepented can get you killed by gawd. But Satan did it ... My head hurts with the 'logic' they use. They grab at anything.


Christians who perceive themselves persecuted or chosen for a personal disaster arranged by god but delivered by the devil, will actually go up in status at their church for living through the ordeal and then praising his name for being chosen for testing--they were ruined to demonstrate god's mercy towards them that believe, even if that mercy is killing off a couple dozen during the storm to make the point. I know folks whose home burned down and they stand out in the front yard praising the lord with their hands in the air and the house is smoldering at their feet but they are praising the Lord for taking their physical possessions and sparing them their lives. They saved up too much stuff and were having too much fun at BINGO and otherwise having a wonderful life with everything going their way and because their house caught fire and they were out of a place to live with no clothes except what they were wearing, in the middle of winter with snow on the ground and below zero temps, they felt like it was their fault for having too much material possessions and god struck them down.


Actors praising Jesus for their Oscar is probably in the same catagory--only god gives it to them instead of the devil because they are so spiritual earning millions of dollars per movie and benefits of one type or another, and they visit 3rd world countries, too!

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The Christian must constantly rationalize and explain away the actions of God. After all, God is good and all-powerful. Since there can be no doubt that God is good and all powerful, someone or something else is at fault. It was the victim's sin, or it was the devil, or its "we can't know the will of God."


We get rationalizations for how the afterlife suddenly is so much better and God took them home and we will be one big happy family in heaven. Despite the fact that there are children who need their now deceased parents in this life. It all rings so hollow and false. These are ways of trying to deal with a reality that people can't face-- the fact that they will never see the deceased person again, EVER.


Then there is our illustrious President Bush saying to the tornado victims "prayer helps." Asshole.


I would love to see a Christian get on here and explain how God loves the tornado victims. That would actually be entertaining.

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Xians don't seem to like the answer of, "shit happens."


For some reason I found it comforting. No more mental gymnastics I guess.


EDIT...and I hate the fucking story of Job! Xians keep trying to tell it to me as if I've never heard it before!

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You're right, GG. Sometimes it's therapeutic to just accept that shit happens. Nobody's fault. No need to judge. No need to lay blame. It happened. Now where do we start again?


If everybody took that attitude, then people would have helped the Katrina casualties much more willingly.


Okay, if we're going to moralize from these natural dissasters, let's allow this tornado to even up the Katrina dissaster. Shit happens to people with Jesus Saves on their barn roofs every bit as much as it happens to people who never darken a church doorway. Apparently God is saying, "Lighten up you crazy Christians! I don't care what you do down there. Just quite killing each other over stupid differences and help your neighbour! See? I hate the pious mid-Western farmers just as much as I hate the cock-sucking urbanites of Soutern cities. Just get this straight: People are people and that's that! Now practice the Golden Rule."

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I almost can't read the reports because of all the idiot stupid theology in the way. Like THIS braniac....


"James Kruger was watching election results Tuesday night in Lafayette, Tennessee, when a warning appeared on his TV screen: A tornado was headed straight toward his town. Then the lights went out.


He put on sweat pants, grabbed a flashlight, drank a shot of whiskey, "and then I heard this noise," Kruger said Thursday.


He headed for a door, "and all of a sudden I heard the glass breaking and it was sucking," he said. "When I tried to shut the door, [it] seemed like the door was lifting up. So I just dove and I lay flat on the floor."


Lying there, everything in the house flew over him, scraping and banging his back, Kruger said. Then the chaos stopped. "I was laying in the dirt. There was no floor. No nothing." Video Watch Kruger tell his story »


The house was gone, but Kruger says he believes there's reason why he survived.


"I think God was holding my leg, beating my ass, teaching me that I hadn't been doing everything he wanted me to do," he said. "

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I think that tragic things make some people feel a very deep need to place a reason or a blame on it. It makes us appear so small and trivial, totally powerless, that we struggle to find some reason, no matter how far fetched. How can we be so important to god that he destroys our lives sometimes, without a word? The idea that "hey shit happens" is just too much for some people to bear.


To THINK that GOD did not do it, would be admission, at least on a subconscious level that:


1. There is no god.

2. For all our advancements, we as a species, are still very weak and easily killed.

3. No matter what I do, I can never guarantee protection against nature for myself or my family.


Right or wrong, conscious or subconscious, some people just cannot deal with this line of thinking.

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My mother rarely speaks to me of religion anymore, except in a peripheral way when she is telling me what Sunday's sermon was about or what book they are studying in bible study. That's her life, so I have no issue with her reporting on it. But this week I called her and she said, "Did you see those tornados? I think God is really upset". I said something innocuous like, "Yeah, that was something, so many people died, very sad." And she responded,

"It's in Job you know..." Honestly I had no idea what she meant about Job. I am familiar with the story, but not sure how she was relating it to this.


Don't xtians ever wonder why their god chooses to punish his own followers? They all know the world is full of evil sinners, why wouldn't god target them?


I'm alway saddened by these events, when children lose their mothers especially, but I'm so happy that in my world, shit simply happens. I don't have to punish myself worrying about what I might have done to anger wacky god.



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