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The Teflon God

Wizened Sage

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Out of season tornados killed 54 across 4 southern U.S. states on Feb. 6th. In one case (shown on NBC news), when one family’s home is destroyed, a young mother is killed and her 11 month old baby is later found, in a field 100 yards from his home, with only minor scratches. As his father sits holding the baby for an interview, a male relative sitting next to them says of the baby that, “god was looking out for him.†Of course what is ignored is that if god is responsible for saving the baby then god is also responsible for killing his mother and 53 others. It seems that nothing can touch this god. If something good happens, then praise god. If something bad happens, that’s just life. How can we ever bring down this Teflon god when nothing sticks to him?

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