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I Guess Ignorance Is Bliss


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Conversation on another forum.. there is about 4 or 5 of us in this.. this is unbelievable and I thought I'd share this... as I said, ignorance is bliss, huh!






( Poster #1)Behind every tragedy, I believe, there is some good that will come out of it. Sure you are sad, and wondering "why?" but I truly think that everything has a purpose.


No one will ever completely understand God's plan.


(Poster #2)I agree with this as well.








(Poster #3)I've always heard that if things are going wrong in your life, it means God is working in it!






(Me)I don't understand.


(Poster #4)Meaning that God is placing hard times in your path to see how you handle the situations...do you choose to find other things to comfort you, or do you rely solely on HIM and HIS love to carry you through.


The walk of a Christian is never going to be easy...You will have many rough times ahead, but God will carry you through the hard times, and walk beside you throughout the not-so-hard/easy times.









(Me again) Oh, I thought it is Satan that people blame for that. ;)

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So a Xians life is harder than anyone else's? Well, I suppose that's true in one sense. Mental gymnastics, avoiding temptation, giving into temptation, repression, guilt, acting out, praying for forgiveness, doing your spiritual exercises, repeat process everyday.


If things are going wrong then God is working??? I'm sorry, but where does "a loving God" fit into that concept? I love my kids therefore I'm going to make life difficult for them..........................wwhhhhaaaaaaaaat????????


Bah! Shit happens. End of story.

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So, God makes your life shit as some 'experiment', then carries you through it, thus invalidating the experiment?


and the let these people care for children and have sharp objects?

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