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Funny At In-laws Today..


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So we were playing cards at my Fundy inlaws today, and for some reason I started talking about Geomagnetic Reversals and how I thought it was cool that the poles could reverse themselves. I was absentmindedly going on about how this happens every so many tens of thousands of years, when one of my in-laws decides to interrupt with something like "Ya, like the earth is 10,000 years old" or "that's older than the earth" or some such.


I just stopped and blinked a couple times. Took me a second to continue the conversation. I think I said something like ya, right with a nervous laugh or something. Stuff like that usually leaves me kind of speechless cause I never really know how to respond to something so incredibly ignorant as that.


Sometimes I forget where I am and that little things like scientific facts are meaningless to some people. I could just imagine Galileo having a discussion a couple hundred of years ago and someone saying, "Ya, like the sun is the center of the universe."


Because the fossil record and scientific evidence was planted there by Satan to test your faith! The global scientific community is making it all up to deceive you! Your pastor is the one who knows best. After all, the Bible says that the earth is the center of the universe and that insects have 4 legs. Scientists are all wrong.


Anyway, just thought I'd share. I love him to death, but dayam.


I also had another conversation with one of my female in-laws. I don't quite remember what lead up to it, but she said something like good thing you didn't write the Bible. To which I responded with something like, ya if I wrote it, women in the old testament would have had rights and wouldn't have been treated as property. To which she responds, boy you have some weird ways of thinking about things.


Because treating women as equals is a weird way of looking at things, apparently.



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Ahhh you got you a young earther in-law fundy, damn! Sounds like we live the same lives! I too have a fundy in-law!


Resistance is futile, you too will become one, with the stupid!


Save your breath with them, if they cannot fathom even the most basic concepts of science, going even further is just an invitation for more "stupid"...

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I find the comment, 'If you're going to talk crazy shit, I'm leaving' works pretty well...

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