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Following Parker V Dc?


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Seems that folks who read "Equal Protection" know that is just what it fucking means.


Parker won't go far to fix things but the SC is on notice that this decision may well be the lighting of the fuse for the next Revolution..



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High court ruling expected on right to possess a firearm

Atlanta Journal Constitition

by Bob Barr


"For the first time in the 217 years since the Second Amendment to our

Constitution was adopted as part of the Bill of Rights, the Supreme

Court is likely to rule this spring or summer that the amendment does

indeed protect the right of an individual citizen to possess a

firearm. Yes, you heard that right; even though there have been

numerous Supreme Court rulings over the years that interpret or touch

on the Second Amendment, the high court has never addressed that

threshold question clearly and directly. Gun control advocates argue

that the amendment merely guarantees the rights of citizens

participating in state militias to possess firearms for that

purpose." (02/12/08)



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