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Hitchens, Harris, Carlin And Maher


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Hi Everybody, I haven't been on here for a while, I posted quite a long time ago but have been a bit busy lately. I have been watching a lot of debates on Youtube lately with these guys and it usually gets me going again. Whether you like or agree with all 4 of them, on the Topic of Religion, they are all Bang on.....To give you quick synopsis of my story. I was born into a strict Roman Catholic family and attended 12 years Catholic education, fighting and screaming the whole time. I stopped believing this fairytale when I was about 10 but couldn't stop going to school so when it was over I never looked back. Most of my extended family still believes this crap although me, my wife and my son who's 11 have no religion whatsoever in our life and we want to keep it that way. I'm now 47 and most of the time, I'm too busy and to deal with on an everyday occurance, but I have come up with a finalization in theory in how I feel about all who believe in Religion and what it promises.

I have talked with many a follower including some relatives who still think that Christianity is correct. Now I can't speak for Muslim or Jewish people since I was never one and didn't spend too much of my life caring about these 2 crackpot beliefs either.

When I was 13, I talked to a family priest who was a nice guy and was one of the 3 priests in the parish I attended. One day I got him to the side, which was common since he was a family friend and asked to give me a few minutes of his time. I said, I didn't believe any of this doctrine that the church was teaching and I was having a hard time getting through it. I asked him if he was able to prove to me that any of this was really true and how they know any of this happened. Now remember there are Catholics all around me. No Jews, No Muslims, No non-believers. So I wasn't being influenced by outside sources. He answer was quick and easy for him. He said there is no proof and there's no way to prove it.. All religion is based on faith.....Yikes I said to him...Are you telling me that you and all your fellow priests and nuns have sacrificed your lives and are teaching things out of a book that's close to 2000 years old that was obviously written by humans. So I said to him, don't take it personal, but I can't and won't believe all this to be true. He understood and didn't harbor any ill feelings to towards me and get out his bible and proceed to rid me of the devil... As I have gotten older, my feelings have only been reinforced...


Now, although I have searched for some answers to this life we were given, the closest I have come to a belief is Deism... I do believe that a force much bigger than we can comprehend created this thing we call life, but I know this so called God has no bearing on our life while we are here.. It doesn't hear or answer prayers. It probably doesn't know we exist. The energy that they call "Soul" or I prefer to call spirit or force just moves on to something else. But we won't know what that is until we die and it is fruitless to waste the short amount of time here on earth coming up with what that possibly is. And it is beyond silly as religious people tell us for sure what happens.. We don't know.....


So based on all I've read, watched, listened to, discussed etc etc etc.... Here is my final statement that I have come with regarding religious people...Mostly Christians and Jewish because the crazy Muslims really believe what they are doing and that is not even worth discussing.


Religious people and their belief that God is watching them, keeping score and will reward them with entrance into heaven.."Want to believe that this is true more than the actual belief itself....Bottom Line


That's all for now


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Hi Bobby! I believe you are probably as close to deist as I am.

I believe in some kind of energy that might've made us too, but

feel very strongly that it doesn't interfere in our lives either. I

don't believe in a heaven or a hell. I don't believe in sin. I can't

stand religion, and or the bible junk either.

And Bill Maher is my hero! Gotta love that guy!


Nice to meet you!

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I love Bill too. Almost as big 'a smartass as me. :P

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