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between my knees

i hold you

palms open

i stroke your skin


circular gestures

warm and awaken

to be one


i tap




you respond

vibrational whisper



your reply

coaxes me

for more


i relax

more confident

i tap again


around me

others echo

bass, tone, slap


eyes close

feet tap, body sways

wrists move in time


hands beat

tempo quickens

euphonic tapestry


voices of ancestral choir

colors of the rainbow

rhythms of the earth


celestial crescendo

language of my origin

aural prisms beckon

as I become one with you





january 20, 2oo8




The Djembe




I recently took up drumming again. Good therapy it is, the circle and the drum.


This is the school where I drum: http://www.livingrhythms.com/about_us.htm


Thanks for letting me share... :wave:


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Cool, very nice. I like it, sounds like a song that might emanate from a drum circle.

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Thanks Mathgeek...




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