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Constitution To Hillary, Obama And Mccain: Congress Makes The Laws


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Constitution to Hillary, Obama and McCain: Congress makes the laws

The Price of Liberty

by Robert Greenslade


"During your campaigns, I have heard you list so-called problems the

nation is facing and listened to your attacks on the individual

holding the office you presently seek for not solving these problems.

In speeches and debates you have asserted that if elected, you, as

President of the United States, will enact legislation to solve every

problem known to mankind.


I may be over 220 years old and my text has

been ignored and misconstrued over the years, but I do not recall

giving the President of the United States any legislative power. As

you know, I established 3 independent branches of government --

legislative, executive, and judicial. My text defines and limits the

powers of each branch.


If you will consult your copy of me, after

removing the dust, you will note, after reviewing Article I, Section 1

that -- 'All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a

Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and

House of Representatives.'"





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